High speed hydraulic motor


The hydraulic motor is the actuator of the hydraulic transmission system, which can convert the hydraulic energy from the hydraulic pump into a rotary movement of machinery, which can drive the load to work. Today, Hanjiu Technology will introduce you to a hydraulic high-speed motor in the hydraulic motor, if you are interested, you may wish to take a look!


Hydraulic motors can be divided into many types according to different classification bases, but today we will introduce them for you by speed. Hydraulic motors can usually be divided into two categories, high speed and low speed, generally speaking, rated power higher than 50rpm can be called high-speed motor, high-speed motor forms mainly gear type axial plunger type, screw type, blade type. The high-speed sub-motor also has the characteristics of high power density, small moment of inertia, high speed, small displacement, and relatively convenient to start braking speed regulation and commutation. But he will also have some of his own shortcomings, such as his torque is not large, usually only tens to hundreds of Nm, quite a lot of cases can not be met, the load on the torque requirements need to match, mechanical reduction mechanism, so the use will be subject to certain restrictions.


If you have recently purchased a high-speed hydraulic motor, you need to know the company Hanjiu Technology that launched this article for you. We are a company specializing in the production and manufacture of hydraulic parts, our product group has three categories of directional valve, steering unit and rail hydraulic motor for you to choose, and we have rail hydraulic gear motor Oms, hydraulic gear motor BMP, Eaton hydraulic valve, disc motor, lockable hydraulic ball valve and many other popular products. At the same time, if you have urgent needs, we currently have, 8 kinds of stock for you to choose, they are: M plus S track motor high speed high torque hydraulic motor 2000 series, 4000 series motor, Eaton pressure motor, Eaton low speed high torque motor, hydraulic two-way valve, two slide valve lever hydraulic valve control valve, small tractor small displacement steering device.


In terms of product quality, Hanjiu technology will also let you rest assured, we have more than ten years of industry work experience, in more than ten years we have always been adhering to the principle of integrity first, quality first, before we have a complete product quality system, from the entry of employees to the entry of raw materials from the processing and assembly of parts to the completion of products, there is a complete system, and our products have passed CE certification, and are currently committed to creating an international famous brand. If you have the need to buy hydraulic products, please contact us, we will look forward to cooperating with you with the greatest sincerity, I believe we will become each other's most loyal partners!


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