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The hydraulic motor is the actuator in the hydraulic transmission system, which converts the hydraulic energy from the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy of the rotary movement, thereby driving the load to work.  Hydraulic motors can generally be divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. Rated speed higher than 500rpm is often regarded as high-speed hydraulic motor, the main forms are gear type, screw type, vane type, axial plunger type. It is characterized by high speed, high power density, small moment of inertia, small displacement, easy start, braking, speed regulation and commutation, but the output torque is not large, usually tens to hundreds of Nm (N.m), quite a lot of cases can not directly meet the torque requirements of the engineering load, need to configure mechanical reduction mechanism, therefore, the use is subject to certain restrictions. When choosing a high-speed motor, you probably need to consider the following issues:


1. Hydraulic motor speed range. 


2. Starting torque and continuous working torque of hydraulic motor. 


3. The working force of the hydraulic motor (for example, driving the fan is not a general hydraulic motor, and the thrust or pull force received by the motor should be considered). 


4. Hydraulic motor oil circuit, there is a series of columns, then pay special attention. 


5. Installation space and design cost. 


High-speed motors generally use plunger motors, of course, gear motors are also used in many places, and vane motors are also high-speed motors, but they are not common.


If you need a high-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor. Then this High Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor 2000 Series 104-, 105-, 2K Motor from Hanjiu Technology is something you must not miss. It can be widely used in agricultural planting, ground care, sweeping and mowing machinery, construction, forestry, wood processing and cutting, farmland irrigation winch, deforestation winch timber, construction machinery and platform, pilling machine, marine research winch, fishing boat navigation equipment and winch, towing and mooring winch, and many more. The displacement can reach 8ml/r to 1000ml/r, the speed is from 100RPM to 2000RPM, and the flow rate is from 40Lpm to 225Lpm, working pressure from 9MPa to 30MPa, torque from 75N*M to 3000N*M. Danfoss, Eaton, M+S, SAM, etc. For sweeping, cutting, rotating, harvesting, lifting, winding, load handling, conveying and more power transmission applications. Our factory specializes in the design and production of any type of motor and servo, from large to small, from low to high, etc. It can also replace Danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models. 


Our Hanjiu Technology not only has good product quality, but also excellent after-sales service. If you have relevant cooperation intentions, please contact us on the official website, we will serve you wholeheartedly. 


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