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We all know that hydraulic motors can be divided into high speed and low speed according to the classification of speed. Among them, the speed of the hydraulic motor below 500r/min belongs to the low speed hydraulic motor, also known as the high torque hydraulic motor. The main characteristics of high torque hydraulic motor are: large displacement, large volume, low speed, can be directly connected with the working mechanism, do not need a reduction device, so that the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified.The basic type of high torque hydraulic motor is radial plunger type, in addition to axial plunger type, blade type and gear type also have low speed structure. This kind of hydraulic motor is widely used in many industries because of its simple structure, reliable operation, many varieties and specifications, and low price. If you want to buy high torque hydraulic motor, you can come to the Hanjiu technology.


Hanjiu Technology is a professional production of hydraulic motor factory, the company was founded more than ten years, and it has been tireless, overcome difficulties, continuous exploration and progress. We always keep the customer first service vision, combined with customer feedback needs, and constantly improve the product. Speak with product quality, speak for yourself with strength. The annual output of the company is more than 500,000 opcs. The products are sold to various countries and regions at home and abroad, winning the praise of customers. At present, Hanjiu Technology is on the way to become the world's largest range of hydraulic products, the largest depth of the hydraulic brand goal.Our service staff is available 24 hours a day to answer questions at any time. You can not only contact us by phone or email message, but also directly communicate with us face to face via video. Our headquarters is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. You can see the scale of our factory through video. More than 20 production workshops, nearly 100 CNC machine tools precision production, every technical worker is the senior qualified hydraulic industry manufacturing experts. Each of our finished products must go through special quality inspection, inspection is qualified before warehousing or delivery.

  For high torque hydraulic motor or anything want to know, you can contact Hanjiu. We look forward to your visit.



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