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Everything is big or small, and they each have their own uses, as do hydraulic motors. Today we will talk about micro hydraulic motors. You may think that the name of the micro motor is very narrow, but the application range of the micro motor is actually very wide.


The micro hydraulic motor can be used in the power system of the car. As the technology of car manufacturing becomes more and more diverse, some cars now have more than 30 or 40 motors, or even more than 80 motors. Even the starter motor of the motorcycle has already replaced the pedal method, which requires the use of micro motors. The next most common is home appliances. Hair dryers, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, household health care equipment, electronic locks, special tools, etc., all rely on micro motors to provide power. There are also micro motors in the fields of medical equipment, electric tools, office automation industry, agriculture, etc. can be entrusted with important tasks. Therefore, the market for micro motors is also very large. Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. also develops and sells such motors, such as Omm 32 oil motor micro high-speed hydraulic motors, and oil motor micro high-speed hydraulic motors for polishing machines OMM 32. This is a micro high-speed hydraulic motor with The BMM rail hydraulic motor of the slide valve, the whole series of motor casings are made of ductile iron with sufficient strength. In the scene of low load and intermittent operation, this series of motors can exert excellent performance and can be widely used Industries such as agriculture, forestry, plastics, machine tools and micro machinery. The overall feature of this series of miniature high-speed hydraulic motors is that they adopt an axial oil distribution structure, and present the consistent style of Hanjiu Technology's products: small size, high efficiency, long life, and affordable price. The shaft seals of these motors can withstand high pressure and can be used in parallel or series.


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