high torque hydraulic motor


The market scale of hydraulic transmission is very large in the world. Almost any machine that needs power can use hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic system uses a hydraulic pump to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid. The energy is transmitted through various control valves and pipelines, and the hydraulic pressure energy is converted into mechanical energy by means of hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinders or motors), thereby driving the working mechanism to achieve linear reciprocating motion and rotary motion. The liquid in it is called the working medium, which is generally mineral oil, and its function is the same as that of the belt and gear in the mechanical transmission.


The hydraulic products produced and sold by Hanjiu are small in size and light in weight. For example, the weight of a hydraulic motor with the same power is only 10% to 20% of that of an electric motor, so the inertial force is small. When suddenly overloaded or stopped, there will be no big impact, and it can Automatically adjust the traction speed smoothly within a given range, and realize stepless speed regulation. Reversing is easy, without changing the rotation direction of the motor, the conversion between the rotation of the working mechanism and the linear reciprocating motion can be realized more conveniently; most types of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are connected by oil pipes, and the spatial arrangement is different from each other. Strictly restricted; simple operation and control, high degree of automation, and overload protection can be achieved. Our different products have their own professional application fields, and the scope of application is wider. For example, the High Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor 2000 Series can be used for conveyor belts, cotton pickers, grain dryers, various crop harvesters, mowers, etc. Grass machines, mechanical tree shakers and other orchard equipment.


Hanjiu's business in the field of hydraulics is not only various hydraulic motors, but also provides all accessories for hydraulic systems, or OEM orders, etc. In order to meet the special needs of customers, we provide some customized services. For details, please send us an email Inquiry, Hanjiu sincerely hopes to cooperate with more like-minded friends, welcome to know.


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