Directional Valve


There are many types of Directional Valve. Hanjiu Technology sells more than 2,000 Directional Valve products. The reversing valve is a valve used to realize the communication, cutting and reversing of hydraulic oil flow, as well as pressure unloading and sequential action control. High-quality reversing valve can greatly improve the user experience, it is recommended to choose a reliable manufacturer.


Hanjiu's hydraulic two-way valve is one of the products of reversing valves. Manual or mechanically controlled hydraulic integral control valves are designed to distribute and control the work between generators (pumps) and actuators (cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc.) process. The hydraulic two-way valve is a single distributor. Its main body is made of cast iron EN-GJL300, and the plunger is made of carburized steel, plated with hard chrome. The combination of these materials makes the reversing valve have a longer life and better performance. performance. It is manufactured from 1 to 7 plungers, with parallel or series action, each with common or individual back valve, with or without safety valve. When installing, the distributor only needs to be fixed with two bolts M8, and the specification matches the hydraulic system, for example, the specification of the p40 type hydraulic two-way valve is 3/4" port, 2 sets of integral valves (double-acting spool is also called column plug spool) built-in adjustable main relief valve rated flow 40L/min, max 100 L pressure 315 bar - 4600 psi spring return to neutral position. In previous sales, this product has been well received by customers. Small size, light and convenient structure, small weight, simple operation, safety and reliability are the advantages of almost all Hanjiu products.


If you need to purchase a large number of directional valves, Hanjiu's valves have a greater price advantage compared with valves of the same quality. In addition, we are also a professional OEM manufacturer of hydraulic products. Since 2010, the company has been engaged in production and operation for more than 12 years, and has been committed to product research and development. On the basis of ensuring 100% replacement of product installation, size and performance , faster delivery, in order to complete our services, we have been providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, our products not only passed CE certification, but also many times higher than the quality standards, our many years of overseas export experience also enables us to Provide you with a variety of safe and efficient transportation methods, and you don't need to worry about this. Therefore, if you have the intention of purchasing a reversing valve, you may try to contact us, Hanjiu Technology will serve you wholeheartedly.


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