High Torque Hydraulic Motor


Hanjiu high torque hydraulic motor is specially designed for hydraulic drive of marine equipment, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc. The design highlights of the motor are compact structure, long service life and low noise. Our company's high torque hydraulic motor has high safety and reliability.


Hanjiu Hydraulic Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor belongs to the BMR series and is 100% compatible with OMR. The BMR series are small, economical motors designed with spool valves, adapted to the cycloidal gear set design, and as mentioned earlier, have a compact body, high power and low weight. Advanced manufacturing equipment for cycloidal gear sets, small size, high efficiency and long life. The shaft seal can withstand the high voltage of the motor, and the motors can be used in parallel or in series. Advanced structural design, high power, low weight. Low noise, high voltage, high power-to-weight ratio and its wide control range make it ideal for various industrial equipment and walking equipment products. Some parameters in its working state are as follows. We will show you BMRS 36, Geometric displacement 36cm³/rev.; Max. Speed (cont.) is 1085 rpm; Max. torque (cont.) is 72N m; Max. The output (cont.) is 8.5kW; the Max. pressure drop (cont.) is 14MPa; the Max. flow (cont.) is 40L/min; the weight is only 6.5kg. The material of the product is cast iron and other materials. Processing technology includes cutting, lathe, machining center, heat treatment, grinding, honing, deburring, etc. If there are special needs, we can also provide customized products, or provide solutions according to customer requirements. The products we recommend and sell can be 100% replaced by original accessories, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, and our products are cheaper and more cost-effective.


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in the maintenance of imported and domestic hydraulic components such as various hydraulic motors, valves, and pumps. With advanced manufacturing equipment and equipped with professional and experienced technicians, at the same time, there are reliable and meticulous pre-sales and after-sales services to relieve your worries and look forward to your patronage.


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