High Torque Hydraulic Motor Disassembly Instructions


HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's factory-made motors have a well-matched clearance for each motion pair, and users are not allowed to change parts casually. Under normal circumstances, do not disassemble the motor at will. Only when it has a serious failure, it can be disassembled and checked by the technician after contacting our customer service.Today we will talk about the disassembly and assembly of High Torque Hydraulic Motor

 Preparation before disassembly

1 Remove the oil drain plug and drain the oil in the motor housing.

2 Loosen the 5 screws on the oil pan and remove the oil pan.

3 Take out the oil distribution pan, positioning ring, spacer, cylindrical pin, and double-headed key.

Note: In order to prevent the change of rotation direction after reassembly, the same orientation mark must be made on the end face of the output shaft and the oil distribution plate.

 Disassembly sequence

1 Remove the cover, screw it into the central screw hole of the crankshaft with a clean screw, and lift out the crankshaft.

2 Remove the snap ring on the connecting rod.

3 Take out the assembly of the plunger body connecting rod, and make the corresponding marks one by one, so that the original assembly clearance can still be guaranteed when reassembling. Generally, users can check and repair after disassembling it here. If necessary, they can disassemble the assembly of the plunger body and the connecting rod: loosen the spring retaining ring for the hole, take out the retaining ring, and the plunger body and the connecting rod can be separated.

4 Assemble according to the reverse procedure above, and pay attention to ensure the axial clearance of the bearing.

5 All parts must be cleaned before assembly to prevent scratching or bruising any work surface.

6 If only the trachoma of the plunger sleeve leaks oil or the interface between the plunger sleeve and the casing leaks oil, loosen the screw on the plunger sleeve, remove the plunger sleeve, and replace the plunger sleeve or "O" ring.

Due to the characteristics of the hydraulic system, the following points should be paid attention to during installation

1. Before installation, except the pipes must be cleaned, the castings must be thoroughly cleaned, including mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning (such as cleaning in trichloroethylene, and then drying with compressed air); each component can be cleaned with kerosene before assembly. , but it is forbidden to wipe with fabrics with fibers (such as cotton yarn).

2. The hydraulic motor system should be polluted by the dirt in the empty cycle after the final assembly, and then restored after cleaning.

3. The fuel tank should be properly sealed, and an air filter should be installed at the air-passing area. The sealing area must be reliable. It is forbidden to use seals and hoses that are not resistant to oil.

4. Prevent air from entering the system. When the air enters the low-pressure pipeline, cavitation will occur, which will make the oil discontinuous and affect the work of the party. When the air enters the high-pressure pipeline, it is rapidly compressed under the impact of the pressure oil, which makes the hydraulic system generate noise.


For the disassembly and assembly of the high-torque hydraulic motor, you need to contact the customer service and technical personnel of the manufacturer for guidance. If you need help, please log in www.hjhydraulic.com

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