Installation of high-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor


Hydraulic motors are widely used in large machinery in various fields such as loading, ships, agriculture and animal husbandry. Although the volume of the hydraulic motor is relatively small, it still belongs to a class of relatively high-precision equipment, so in the case of installation, care must be taken. There are many types and classifications of hydraulic motors, such as: high speed high torque hydraulic motor, low speed high torque hydraulic motor, low flow high torque hydraulic motor, high speed low torque hydraulic motor. Next, I will describe some key points for installing hydraulic motors.

1. Before installing the high speed high torque hydraulic motor, the relative components of the hydraulic motor must be cleaned up. Gasoline or gasoline for automobiles can be used, and some anti-rust oil and residues in it can be cleaned and tidy.

2. Ensure that the inner and outer layers of the car fuel tank and the relative surface of the server are cleaned to prevent the inside of the hydraulic motor from being polluted by the environment.

3. If the hydraulic motor must be exposed to the outside and must be in contact with the cutting fluid, it must be maintained to prevent air pollutants from entering.

4. The oil cover, branch pipe and air filter of the hydraulic motor should be well sealed to prevent the gas from entering the hydraulic motor and jeopardizing its precision.

Above is the key point for installing hydraulic motors, I hope everyone can pay attention. In fact, in general, all parts of the hydraulic motor and its contact surface should be cleaned and tidy, and safety protection should be done well. In case of application, residues will pollute the hydraulic motor environment and endanger the precision of the hydraulic motor and the normal application of the equipment.

After the installation is completed, what matters must be paid attention to during the whole process of the motor running? 

Before the first hydraulic motor runs, it is necessary to check whether all the parts on the hydraulic transmission system are connected properly, and the oil must be added to the appropriate parts according to the filter element. Then run it for 15 minutes without load, open the exhaust pipe, and listen to see if there is any noise. If the hydraulic cylinder is stagnant, it means that there is gas inside.

After the second gas is discharged, the fuel tank of the car should be filled with oil, and the load should be gradually increased. If the load is as large as possible, check whether there is an abnormal situation. If the motor has a common fault, it is not necessary to disassemble it at will.  


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