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HANJIU TECHNOLOGY sells all kinds of high-torque hydraulic motors. Because each customer uses a different environment, it is inevitable that they will encounter various situations during use. In today's article, we will share some repair techniques for high-torque hydraulic motors.


Repair method

It can be seen  that the performance of the hydraulic motor can be restored as long as the matching relationship between the valve plate and the valve plate is restored. By selecting the appropriate output shaft oil seal, the oil leakage fault of the hydraulic motor can be eliminated.

Repair of distribution plate

After cleaning the valve plate, blow it with compressed air. Use an outer micrometer or a dial indicator to measure the thickness h1 and the wear amount of the oil distribution plate without wear (the measurement h1 is to provide the basis for adjusting the elasticity of the preload spring of the distribution plate).

Repair of valve discs

The grinding requirements of the valve disc are the same as those of the valve disc, but the grinding amount is not large, and there is no need to measure its thickness. When grinding the valve plate and the oil distribution plate to form the joint surface of the friction pair, the symmetrical plane is the grinding reference plane.

Due to the local paint on the outer surface of the valve disc and the local unevenness of its edge under the action of external force, the accuracy requirements of the ground surface are affected. Therefore, it should be cleaned and trimmed before grinding. If conditions permit, the exposed part can be chamfered by 45° (width 1~1.5mm), and then the flatness inspection shall be carried out. The flatness of the grinding reference surface should be ≤0.01mm. After ensuring that the reference surface meets the requirements, the symmetrical end surface should be ground. After the valve disc is ground, it is allowed to leave a few slight scratches.

Optional output shaft oil seal

The oil seal is a wearing part, the British standard oil seal is not easy to purchase, and the supply cycle is long. In order to improve the maintenance performance and general performance of the output shaft oil seal, it was decided to follow the principle of no change or less change in size, and change it to the metric standard to ensure its original performance and strength.

The crude oil seal adopts VC (that is, single lip outer rubber skeleton without spring oil seal) type, which has poor sealing performance and short service life. According to the working conditions and structural dimensions of the hydraulic motor, SC (single lip with spring outer rubber inner skeleton oil seal) or SB (single lip with spring outer iron shell skeleton oil seal) type oil seal can be used instead. These two types of oil seals are more efficient than VC type oil seals. Good sealing effect and long service life.

The above are some repair methods of  summarized by Xiaobian. If you are looking for manufacturers and sellers of high-torque motors, please log on www.hjhydraulic.com to contact customer service for contact information.

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