Specifications of omt 400 hydraulic motor


Do you want to know the specific information of omt 400 hydraulic motor? omt 400 hydraulic motor is a hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Technology. It is an important product launched by Hanjiu Technology. After many years of research and development and production, and countless improvements, this Compared with some previous products, this motor has made great progress in performance and quality. Hydraulic company Hanjiu Technology has become one of the most famous hydraulic motor manufacturers in China by rapidly innovating and improving all aspects of its products and services, and has a good position in the Chinese market. While improving technology, they also minimize profits, form relative advantages in price and quality, and are committed to developing the most cost-effective hydraulic and other related products on the market, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of electric motors. Adhering to the tenet of integrity first and quality first, there is a relatively complete product quality system from employee entry, raw materials into the factory, from parts processing, assembly plans to products.

The omt 400 hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Technology provides high-quality power to meet the needs of small to large, medium to heavy. Advanced gear set design Low starting pressure, smooth operation High axial and radial force Disc-type distribution flow, automatic compensation Rugged construction for longer service life Excellent side load capacity Smooth, ultra-low speed operation Standard high pressure shaft seal Innovative design Eliminates the need for casing drainage based on high reliability quality design and manufacturing. Let's take a look at its specific specifications below!

The geometric displacement of the omt 400 hydraulic motor is 410.9cm3/rev, the maximum speed limit for continuous is 305rpm, and the maximum speed limit for intermittent is 365rpm. Continuous maximum output is limited to 31.2 kW, and intermittent maximum output is limited to 35 kW. The continuous maximum pressure drop limit is 18MPa, the intermittent maximum pressure drop limit is 21MPa, the peak maximum pressure drop is 24MPa, the continuous maximum flow rate is 125L/min, the indirect maximum flow rate is 150L/min, the continuous maximum inlet pressure is 21MPa, intermittent The maximum is 25MPa, and the maximum peak is 30MPa. At the same time, this product weighs 22 kg and can be widely used in many fields.

The above is the specific specification information of omt 400 hydraulic motor, I hope this information can provide help for your purchase. If you want to know more information about this product, please visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology https://www.hjhydraulic.com/, where there are comprehensive product types and numerous hydraulic product expertise. Hanjiu Technology gives the best profits to the dealers, serves the people of the world with the best value, and looks forward to cooperating with you!

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