Who is the king of hydraulic directional control valves? Oh? It turned out to be HANJIU TECHNOLOGY


A ship without a direction, no matter how it sails, is drifting away on the wrong road.  The same applies to hydraulic systems.  A hydraulic system without a direction is like a headless fly that will never reach the correct route.  Therefore, the role of the hydraulic directional control valve is huge, it determines the flow direction of the oil, and plays a key role in the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

 0整体式多路阀.jpg Since everyone says that hydraulic directional control valves are very important?  So where is it important?  The hydraulic directional control valve is a reversing element that controls the reversing, starting and stopping of the actuator by controlling the on and off of the oil in the oil circuit.  It can be said that the hydraulic directional control valve is one of the busiest components in the hydraulic system.

Because of the frequent operation of the hydraulic directional control valve, its quality is especially important.  Once the start and stop of the hydraulic system cannot be controlled, the entire hydraulic system will be paralyzed, causing the mechanical equipment to fail to operate normally.  Therefore, the hydraulic directional control valve has become one of the components most prone to loss, leading to higher and higher requirements of manufacturers for the hydraulic directional control valve.  There is no shortage of hydraulic directional control valves in the market, but a lack of high-quality and guaranteed products.

 0分片多路阀.jpg The market for hydraulic components is broad, and many manufacturers have seized the opportunity to turn to the production of hydraulic components.  Although the market is very prosperous and the product variety is abundant, the quality is uneven and unsatisfactory.  Especially in the professional field of hydraulic components, which requires particularly high production technology, there are many loopholes in the hydraulic products designed and produced by non-professionals.  This is also an answer to the old saying that there are specialties in the art industry, and of course professional products must be handed over to a professional team to make them more assured.

As a rookie in the hydraulic market, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has quickly won the market in just a few years and has become a popular supplier of hydraulic components at home and abroad.  The hydraulic directional control valve produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY is widely favored by consumers.  Once you have tried HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's hydraulic directional steering valve, you will be conquered by its excellent performance.  Who wouldn't love high-quality products with high cost performance?

On HANJIU TECHNOLOGY's official website www.hjhydraulic.com, we will introduce you to our popular products. There are not only graphic materials, but also related videos, which can give you a more intuitive understanding of our products.  Let you buy with peace of mind, and use with peace of mind.  Regarding our hydraulic steering control valves, there are two types that are currently selling well.

Such as 1 spool hydraulic integral valve, it is widely used in mechanical equipment such as loaders, special vehicles, truck cranes, wreckers, scrubbers, power rollers, etc., and can more effectively control motors, cylinders and other execution systems.  We have a variety of hydraulic valve types for you to choose from, such as 40 liters, 45 liters, 50 liters, 60 liters, and 80 liters, to meet your needs more comprehensively.

In addition, the 3-spool hydraulic unit valve is also the most popular practical hydraulic steering control valve on the market.  The most eye-catching place of this hydraulic directional control valve is that its precision ground and hard chrome-plated spool can effectively extend the service life.  The design of this control valve is small and compact, and the installation is simple and quick.  The overall structure of high tensile strength cast iron also makes its performance more stable.

The reason why HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has achieved such excellent results in the hydraulic component market is that it can always grasp the direction of market development, just as the hydraulic steering control valve can correctly control the direction of the oil.  Always on the road of continuous innovation and technology, good products, more trustworthy!



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