how does a hydraulic orbital motor work


Do you know how the hydraulic orbital motor  works? Let me give you a detailed introduction to this issue today.


1. The working principle of hydraulic motor

The hydraulic orbital motor is a hydraulic motor with internal teeth and cycloid gears made of the principle similar to the planetary reducer (the principle of less tooth difference), referred to as hydraulic motor. The ring gear is fixedly connected with the housing, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor to revolve around a center point. This slow-rotating rotor drives the output through a splined shaft to become ahydraulic orbital motor  . This motor has rollers installed in the built-in ring gear. Motors with rollers provide high starting and running torque. The rollers reduce friction and thus improve efficiency. Can produce stable output. And there are many series of hydraulic orbital motor s to meet the different requirements of customers on torque and speed.


2. The working range of the hydraulic orbital motor  

The application range of hydraulic orbital motor  is very wide. If you carefully observe the surrounding things, you can find many applications of hydraulic orbital motor  around us. Various combine harvesters, seeders, rotary tillers, lawn mowers, sprayers in agriculture

; Netting machines in fishery; Winding machines, textile machines, printing machines, and business washing machines in light industry; .


3. Precautions when the  hydraulic orbital motor works

The hydraulic orbital motor  is a high-precision device, so buyers must follow certain rules to use the product, otherwise it may cause damage to the product and greatly reduce the service life of the product.

The mounting and fixing support of the hydraulic orbital motor  must have sufficient rigidity. When the system has a pressure shock, the motor is not allowed to vibrate, which is easy to damage the motor. In addition, before the motor is installed and started, clean hydraulic oil should be filled into the motor housing from the two oil ports. Rotate the output shaft, and install the machine if there is no abnormality.

Generally speaking, the shaft seal components used in the cycloid motor can withstand higher working pressure, but in order to obtain good life and comprehensive mechanical performance, it is recommended to use a back pressure of not more than 5MPa. Make sure that the motor is always full of oil. In addition to maintaining a low back pressure, the external drain pipe can also take away the wear and tear pollutants generated inside the motor, and can produce a certain cooling effect.

Hydraulic oil is also very important for the use of the hydraulic orbital motor . A suitable hydraulic oil can not only make the hydraulic orbital motor  run smoothly, but also prolong the life of the hydraulic orbital motor .


4. Recommended by companies producing hydraulic orbital motor 

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