orbital hydraulic motor how it works


In the previous article, we shared the advantages of orbital hydraulic motor and the things we need to pay attention to when using orbital hydraulic motor. Let us take a look at the working principle of orbital hydraulic motor today.


The rotation of the cycloid motor is formed by the unbalanced force generated by the difference in the area of the cycloid gear bearing the motor inlet pressure, that is, the oil pressure acting on these unequal pressure bearing surfaces produces the output torque of the motor drive shaft. The larger the gear or the higher the oil pressure, the greater the output torque generated by the output shaft. The oil entering the cycloid rotor motor is separated from the oil flowing out of the motor by a valve plate with a girdle-shaped inlet and outlet.


The sequence of liquid inlet flow: Shell oil inlet hole → oil distribution ring sleeve groove → oil distribution sleeve longitudinal groove → case oil distribution hole → baffle plate → rotating motor stator.


Drain oil inflow sequence: rotating motor stator → baffle → casing oil distribution hole → oil distribution sleeve longitudinal groove → oil distribution ring sleeve groove → case oil return hole.


The above picture shows a typical structure of a cycloid motor. There is an eccentricity between a cycloid rotor (ie, an externally toothed pinion) 14 with Z1 teeth and a stator (ie, an inner gear ring) 13 with z2 circular arc teeth. Distance e, when the difference in the number of teeth of the two wheels is 1, that is, z2–z1=1, all the teeth of the two wheels can mesh and form the X-X section in Figure 1 (22=7, Zl=6) as shown z2 (number of stator teeth) independent volume-changing sealed cavities. The horizontal grooves A and B on the distribution shaft (ie, the output shaft) 7 communicate with the oil inlet and outlet. There are two sets of longitudinal oil grooves evenly spaced on the surface of the distribution shaft, a total of 22i, one group (Zl) is connected with A, the other Group (Zl bar) communicated with B (see Figure 2). There are 22 holes C in the housing 6 of the motor, and these holes communicate with the tooth bottoms of the stator through the corresponding 22 holes D of the auxiliary distribution plate 10 (ie, communicate with the 22 sealed cavities respectively).


The longitudinal oil groove on the distribution shaft plays the role of distribution, so that nearly half of the above 22 closed cavities communicate with the pressure oil, and the rest communicate with the low-pressure return oil.


When the pressure oil is input through port A, cavities 5, 6 and 7 enter the high pressure oil (see Figure 3), and the rotor (pinion) rotates in the direction of increasing the volume between the teeth of the high pressure cavity under the action of oil pressure. Since the stator is fixed, while the rotor rotates at a low speed around its own axis O1, the rotor center O1 also revolves around the stator center O2 in a high-speed reverse revolution (when the rotor revolves, that is, when the rotor rolls along the stator, its suction , The oil pressure chamber is constantly changing, but it is always divided into two chambers with the connecting center line 0102 as the boundary. The increase in the volume between the teeth on one side is the high pressure chamber, and the volume between the teeth on the other side is reduced. The oil discharge chamber) . In one revolution, each inter-tooth cavity completes one oil feed and return cycle.


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