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In the field of industrial machinery, the hydraulic system is an indispensable part, and the hydraulic motor is one of the most important components of the hydraulic system. As one of the representatives of hydraulic motors, Hanjiu Industrial Hydraulic Orbit Motor BMR 80 / OMR 80 Shaft 32mm has always been favored by the majority of users. Its high quality, high performance, high efficiency and long life have made people favor Its full of praise. This article will introduce the advantages of Hanjiu hydraulic motors in detail.


Hanjiu BMR hydraulic motor adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology. The BMR series motor is a small and economical type. It is designed with a slide valve to adapt to the cycloidal gear set design, and provides compact volume, high power and low weight. Advanced manufacturing equipment for cycloidal gear sets, small size, high efficiency and long life. The shaft seal can withstand the high voltage of the motor, and the motors can be used in parallel or in series. Its remarkable advantages include four major sections, high efficiency, the efficiency of Industrial Hydraulic Orbit Motor BMR 80 / OMR 80 Shaft 32mm can reach more than 90%, compared with other hydraulic motors, it has a higher energy utilization rate and can significantly improve mechanical performance. equipment efficiency. High reliability, the hydraulic motor adopts high-strength materials and precision manufacturing process, which can withstand large impact load and long-term high-load work, with more reliable performance and longer service life. Strong stability, Industrial Hydraulic Orbit Motor BMR 80 / OMR 80 Shaft 32mm has the characteristics of high running stability, low noise and low vibration, which can ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment and the comfort of the working environment. Simple maintenance, Hanjiu hydraulic motor has a simple structure and convenient maintenance. It can quickly replace hydraulic oil and maintenance parts, and its weight is only 6.9 kg, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost and downtime of mechanical equipment.


Using Hanjiu hydraulic motor will greatly reduce the cost of use. If you are a dealer, then low-cost sales can win more customers. If you are a user, high-quality Hanjiu hydraulic motor is also the first choice to save costs. At present, the hydraulic products of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. have been exported to many countries around the world, and have been well received. We look forward to you becoming the next customer.


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