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The principle of hydraulic drive is not far from our life. From the perspective of our body, human blood pressure and blood flow are hydraulically transmitted, and body fluids are also hydraulically transmitted from outside the cells into the cells. Applied to equipment, such as jacks, hydraulic clamps, hydraulic shock absorbers, etc., are the principles of applying hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic system uses the hydraulic pump to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, transmits energy through the change of the pressure energy of the liquid, and transmits it through various control valves and pipelines with the help of hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinders or motors). The liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy, thereby driving the working mechanism to realize linear reciprocating motion and rotary motion. The operation of the hydraulic system is inseparable from the credit of the hydraulic components.


The range of hydraulic components is very wide, including many components, each of which plays an important role in the operation of the hydraulic system. E.g:

1. Power components: gear pump, vane pump, plunger pump, screw pump, etc.;

2. Executing components: piston hydraulic cylinder, plunger hydraulic cylinder, swing hydraulic cylinder, combined hydraulic cylinder, etc.;

3. Hydraulic motor: gear hydraulic motor, vane hydraulic motor, plunger hydraulic motor, etc.;

4. Control components: directional control valve: one-way valve, reversing valve, etc.;

5. Pressure control valve: overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, pressure relay, etc.;

6. Flow control valve: throttle valve, speed control valve, diverter valve, etc.;

7. Auxiliary components: accumulators, filters, coolers, heaters, oil pipes, pipe joints, fuel tanks, pressure gauges, flow meters, sealing devices, etc.


Whether it is the design of hydraulic products or the replacement of damaged hydraulic components, hydraulic components need to be selected. How to choose hydraulic components? It is very important to us, let's take a look at how to choose hydraulic components?


1. Research the hydraulic components used in the same series of products

At present, the application scenarios of hydraulic components are very wide, and there are representative products in all walks of life. Therefore, you can spend some time studying the hydraulic components used in the same series of products in the same industry. This is very important for us to break through design problems and avoid detours. helpful.


2, often read industry information

Frequent reading of industry materials, such as magazines, journals, industry websites, etc., can help us accumulate industry knowledge. These materials often involve explanations of some hydraulic components, and hydraulic designers can refer to them.


3. Look at the brand of hydraulic components

The brand of hydraulic components is also very important. Nowadays, it is the norm in society to look at the brand when buying things. The reason why we buy a brand is based on our trust in the brand, and this trust mainly comes from the precipitation of the brand for many years. Therefore, when choosing hydraulic components, we must refer to it. Brand, there are not a few more mature hydraulic component brands, such as Hanjiu. The hydraulic components of the Hanjiu brand have been verified by the market for many years, and they are constantly developing new products and putting them into trials, with good development prospects.


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on hydraulic design, development and production for 12 years. At present, it has self-developed and produced hydraulic components, as well as agents of well-known foreign brands. The team has rich experience. Hanjiu is currently the largest manufacturer of hydraulic products in northern China, and its various hydraulic components are exported to more than 30 countries in the world. Hanjiu's brand is getting bigger and bigger, in the final analysis, because Hanjiu never fools customers, always puts the needs of customers first, and thinks about problems from the standpoint of customers, which can naturally gain customer satisfaction. Hanjiu produces various types of hydraulic components, and Hanjiu has all the products that customers need, and the price will be more favorable if you buy in large quantities. In a word, Hanjiu is a reliable hydraulic components production company.


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