orbital hydraulic motor oms-395


Hanjiu Technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic products. It is the earliest factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic rail motors and steering units. So far, the company has been engaged in hydraulic professional production and operation for nearly 20 years, with rich product experience and far leading output. companies in the same industry. In order to reflect their sincerity and professionalism, Hanjiu's products are more acceptable in price and meet the highest quality requirements. Orbital hydraulic motor oms-395 is a series of hydraulic motors manufactured by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. We will introduce this hydraulic motor to you in the next time.


The Oms-395 motor is produced according to the standard technical parameters provided by Hanjiu Hydraulics. In addition to meeting the standards, Hanjiu Technology has made technical improvements according to the market demand on the original basis to improve the performance of our products. Finally got our oms395 motor. This motor adopts end face distribution and axial surface distribution. In order to facilitate installation and use, it has a simple and compact structure and high distribution accuracy. During use, the moment of inertia of oms395 is small, it is easy to start under load, it can be used in both forward and reverse directions, and there is no need to stop when shifting, which greatly eliminates some troublesome steps. Oms-395 motors are widely used in agricultural machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining, construction machinery and other industries. The motor has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, wide speed range, high starting torque, stable and compact high-speed rotation, etc. It can be directly connected to the working machine and is suitable for various low-speed and heavy-load facilities. If you have already purchased it, you need to test it first. After degassing, fill up the fuel tank, and then start to gradually increase the load on the motor until it reaches the maximum load, and observe whether there are abnormal phenomena such as noise, oil rise, oil leakage, etc. If If the above phenomenon occurs, please contact the staff of Hanjiu Technology Company immediately, and we will give you a satisfactory solution.


Hydraulic company Hanjiu Technology, by rapidly innovating and perfecting all aspects of its products and services, while improving technology, the company minimizes profits, creates advantages in similar products, and urgently devotes itself to developing the most cost-effective hydraulics on the market and other related products, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the motor, Hanjiu Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of integrity first and quality first, from employees entering the factory, raw materials entering the factory, to parts processing, assembly solutions to products, there are comparisons Perfect product quality system, because Hanjiu Technology is committed to establishing an internationally renowned brand, if you have corresponding needs, please click on the company website www.hjhydraulic.com, which contains detailed information, contact information and order links. You can also call the contact number if you want more information. Looking forward to your purchase!


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