Hydraulic Control Valve


We all know that the main function of the hydraulic system is to provide power to mechanical equipment and control the direction. How does the directional control of the hydraulic system work? In fact, the directional control of the hydraulic system is very simple. Most of them are realized by Hydraulic Control Valve, which includes a one-way valve: it only allows fluid to be connected in one direction in the pipeline, and it is cut off when it is reversed. Reversing valve: change the on-off relationship between different pipelines. The reversing valve can change the direction of liquid flow, and connecting the reversing valve to the cylinder can make the piston of the cylinder change the direction of movement very conveniently.


There are many types of reversing valves, according to the structure of the valve: slide valve type, rotary valve type, ball valve type, cone valve type. According to the control mode of the valve: manual type, motorized type, electromagnetic type, hydraulic type, electro-hydraulic type, pneumatic type.


According to the number of working positions of the valve and the number of channels controlled: two-position two-way valve, two-position three-way valve, two-position four-way valve, etc. The working principle of the reversing valve: the reversing valve realizes the connection, cutting off or changing the flow direction of the oil through the relative movement of the spool and the valve body. The main requirements of our working environment for the reversing valve generally include: when the oil circuit is turned on, the pressure loss should be small; when the oil circuit is disconnected, the leakage should be small;


After reading these introductions, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of hydraulic steering valves, so how should we choose them for practical applications? Next, please allow me to introduce Hanjiu's hydraulic steering control valve 101s Ls, OSPC Ls forklift steering valve.This product features load sensing steering systems and pipe installations with PVF priority valves as well. INCLUDES INTEGRATED VALVES The 101S-5T Series load sensing hydraulic steering control unit has the same features as the 101 Series and includes integrated valves to make it more compact and easy for every turn. The point is that these Hydraulic Control Valves run very smoothly after being improved by Hanjiu's engineers, and they will be very silky when operating.


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