Roller Stator Hydraulic Motor


Roller stator hydraulic motor can undertake a variety of work scenarios, such as ships, construction machinery and construction machinery. It converts the liquid pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft, which can realize continuous rotary motion. Its structure is similar to that of a hydraulic pump, and it also works by changing the sealing volume.


Hydraulic motors are also divided into different types. Here are a few for everyone to learn more about hydraulic motors.


Geared Hydraulic Motor: A geared hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy through one or more pairs of meshing gears. Hydraulic fluid enters the gear chamber, turning the gears and converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The gear hydraulic motor is simple and compact in structure, suitable for lower speed and medium power requirements.


Axial piston hydraulic motor: Axial piston hydraulic motor uses the axial movement between the plunger and the rotor to realize the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The plunger moves axially inside the rotor as it is pushed by the hydraulic fluid, creating torque. Axial piston hydraulic motors are compact and have high power density for high speed and high power applications.


Radial Piston Motor: In a radial piston motor, the movement between the plunger and the rotor is radial. The plunger is connected to the rotor through the swing rod, and the pressure of the hydraulic fluid makes the plunger reciprocate in the plunger groove, which is converted into the rotational motion of the rotor. The radial piston hydraulic motor has a complex structure and high power density, and is suitable for high power and high speed applications.


After reading these, I believe that you already have a certain understanding of hydraulic motors, then I will introduce to you the hydraulic motor BMP-400cc, a transmission component of Hanjiu Company. As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products, Hanjiu Hydraulics mainly produces and exports hydraulic gerotor motors, geared motors and steering gear. We provide services for propulsion, steering, power transmission and lifting systems. From big to small, our motor displacement is from 50ml/r to 1000ml/r. All can be interchanged with Danfoss, Charlin, M+S series. The features of this product are evident. Shaft groove distribution flow, simple and compact structure, high flow distribution accuracy; toothed stator and rotor, high mechanical efficiency, longer working life under high pressure, wear resistance and high temperature resistance; coupled angular contact ball bearings, high radial and axial bearing capacity Load, small friction, high mechanical efficiency.


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