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When it comes to hydraulic control valves, we are no strangers to this hydraulic component, and the following I will introduce you to how to choose the right hydraulic control valve. 


The type of hydraulic valve should be selected according to the working characteristics of the system, for example, for the hydraulic transmission system based on power transmission, ordinary hydraulic valve, superimposed valve or cartridge valve can be selected. For systems with high control performance requirements or individual circuits in the same system, electro-hydraulic control valves should be selected, and the type, specification and supporting electronically controlled amplification devices should be selected according to the control content of the actuator, control performance (stability, accuracy, rapidity) requirements, etc. 


Different performance requirements of hydraulic systems have different performance requirements for the selected hydraulic valves, and many of the performance is affected by structural characteristics. For example, if you choose an ordinary check valve, you should pay attention to the reasonable selection of its opening pressure, and a lower opening pressure can reduce the resistance loss of liquid flow through the check valve; However, for the check valve used as a back pressure valve, its opening pressure is higher to ensure sufficient back pressure; If the hydraulic control check valve is selected, and the reverse oil output back pressure is high, but the control pressure cannot be raised very high, the leakage type or pilot operated structure should be selected.


If you choose to use a directional valve, for systems that require fast reversing speed, generally choose an AC electromagnetic directional valve; Conversely, for systems that do not require high reversing speed, DC electromagnetic directional valves can be selected.


After the introduction of the above content, do you have a clearer understanding of how to choose the hydraulic control valve you need? The following small series will introduce you to this Hanjiu company's Hydraulic Control Directional Valve BLB Hydraulic Valve. It is suitable for small tractors, tractor loaders, log splitters, etc. Designed to operate double-acting cylinders, our hydraulic directional control valve is equipped with a 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 6 spool and #8 SAE O-ring inlet and outlet ports for extremely durable quality. The control valve also has a cast iron construction for long-term use. It is also characterized by high performance, i.e. the hydraulic relief valve series is available up to 200 bar and a maximum flow rate of 11 GPM. All spool valves have spring return to the neutral position. 


No matter what kind of hydraulic components you need, we Hanjiu company can provide you with the best quality products and the most intimate service. What are you waiting for, come to Hanjiu Company to purchase!


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