Roller Stator Hydraulic Motor


This article describes a product: roller stator hydraulic motor. In a hydraulic motor, a fixed part is called a stator, and a stator is called a stator with a pair of DC exciting static main magnetic poles attached to the stator, and an armature winding is mounted on it, and an induction electromotive force is generated when it is energized, and it is called a rotating magnetic field. Thereafter, electromagnetic torque is generated to perform energy conversion. The difference is in the shape and embedding method of the stator winding.


The roller stator hydraulic motor has high power density, small volume and high efficiency. In order to secure the safe and normal operation of the permanent magnet (magnet steel) under high speed conditions of a high-speed motor rotor, it is necessary to fix it using a rational method. Our research developers combine with years of practical application experience and solve the past problems of such products.


We use carbon fiber composites, their tensile strength and stiffness are three to five times as large as traditional metallic materials (e.g. steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.), while tolerances in the elastic range of carbon fiber composites are much larger than most metal materials. In the case of a motor rotor, the magnetic steel (permanent magnet) can be designed to be fixed to the outer surface of the rotor. There are usually two mounting methods: one uses a common magnetic steel or attaches the magnetic steel to the outer surface of the rotor using an adhesive, however, by any means, the centrifugal force due to the high speed rotation of the rotor has a risk of being thrown out of the magnet steel. Accordingly, the ideal speed of the hydraulic motor employing this process is also limited. On the other hand, even if the rotor using the above method is not completely released from the magnet at high speed movement, the small displacement due to the high centrifugal force destroys the dynamic equilibrium of the entire rotor and may cause serious trouble or danger of the motor. The carbon fiber rotor sleeve can be used to effectively solve related problems: carbon fiber sleeves can be used to wrap magnetic steel and apply a proper preliminary load to wrap the sleeve and magnetic steel to the rotor surface to ensure that the rotor can be safely and safely operated safely and safely.


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