Hydraulic Control Valve


Control valves must be called old friends for engineers. What I bring to you today is the Earth Moving Machinery Hydraulic Control Valve produced by Hanjiu Company. It is suitable for truck-mounted cranes, wreckers, scrubbing machines, strong Various types of special vehicles such as rammers can effectively control actuators such as motors and oil cylinders.


The old rules, the first is its general parameters, the Earth Moving Machinery Hydraulic Control Valve model is P40-4, the ambient temperature can withstand from -40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius, the viscosity: 12 ~800 square millimeters per second, and the fluid temperature can withstand -15°C~+80°C, the maximum working pressure is 315 bar, the back pressure is 50 bar, the nominal flow rate is 40 l/min, the leakage is 15 cubic centimeters/min at 120 bar pressure, the spool stroke is plus or minus 7mm, Driving force < 200 N, spools can be modified from 1 to 8 spools, number of jobs can be increased as required, up to 7 spools. The P40 series control valve is the same as the hydraulic motor. The high-pressure overall structure is innovatively developed on the basis of European technology. The control valve body is equipped with a check valve to ensure that the hydraulic oil will not flow back. It can independently adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system. The oil circuit has two options of parallel circuit and power override. Its control methods are relatively diverse, and manual control, pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric control can all be used. It is a single structure valve with 1-7 rods. Spool functions include O, Y, P, a four. It is also possible to add hydraulic locks on the A and B ports. Small size, light structure, light weight, simple operation, safety and reliability are the five reasons why it is worthy of being selected; P40-4Hydraulic Control Valve has a complete configuration of primary and secondary relief valves; opening pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements ;Series-parallel structure and external load can ensure that the actuator will not fall during operation under the condition of high load. Modules with different functions on the valve group can realize the switching between single pump and double pump, improve work efficiency and save energy consumption.

This control valve of Hanjiu can be said to have absorbed all-round excellent genes. Hanjiu's products can bring customers not only high-quality experience, but also cost control. If you are interested in cooperation, welcome to visit Hanjiu's official website to make contact.


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