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Hydraulic components are widely used in various mechanical equipment with their excellent performance to provide continuous power source for the running mechanism. Therefore, the market demand for hydraulic components has also increased significantly. I see many manufacturers saying that it is becoming more and more difficult to buy hydraulic components, especially high-quality hydraulic components. Although the market for hydraulic components is saturated, it is still uneven in terms of quality. If you're lucky, you can buy a better quality product at a reasonable price range. If you are unlucky, you will not only waste money on counterfeit products of poor quality, but also add a lot of risks to your production process. 


If you are also troubled by the purchase of hydraulic components, then I hope you must get to know Hanjiu Technology. If any oil ingredient manufacturer has a product that is both high-quality and affordable, it must be Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu Technology is an innovative manufacturing company founded by Han engineers in 2011. The company is determined to become one of the global hydraulic brands with the widest and deepest range of hydraulic products on the market. The founder, Mr. Han, has worked in the field of hydraulics and automation for more than 15 years and has sufficient experience in research in related fields. The so-called professional people do professional things, which is also one of the advantages of Hanjiu Technology. 


Next, I will introduce to you the P80 series of medium and high pressure integral structure valve hydraulic multi-directional control rod valve of Hanjiu Technology, which is developed according to European technology. The check valve inside the valve body is to ensure that the hydraulic oil is not returned. The internal relief valve of the valve body regulates the working pressure of the hydraulic system. The control mode is optional in manual control, pneumatic control, hydraulic and electrical control. The valve structure is integral structure, 1-7 levers. The option is to add hydraulic locks on the A and B ports. Features such as manual, pneumatic control, electric and pneumatic control, hydraulic and electric control are also available. It is small in size, light and convenient in structure, small in weight, simple in operation, safe and reliable; Workgroup numbers can be added on request, up to 7 spools. The primary and secondary relief valves are fully equipped; The opening pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements; The series-parallel connection structure and external load holding valve ensure that the actuator of higher load will not fall during operation. Modules with different functions on the valve block can realize the switching of single and double pumps, improve work efficiency and save energy consumption. This product is suitable for truck-mounted cranes, wreckers, floor scrubbers, dynamic compactors and other special vehicles, which can effectively control motors, cylinders and other drive mechanisms. 


  If you want to find the product you need more accurately, please go to our official website of Hanjiu Technology Company for consultation, you will definitely find your most satisfactory product here, and look forward to cooperating with you.


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