Hydraulic Flow Control Valve


There are many types of hydraulic control valves, which can be divided into three categories according to their different roles, namely directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves. Among them, the flow control valve is also called the speed control valve. The flow control valve relies on changing the size of the overflow section to adjust the flow, so as to adjust the speed of the actuator or change the size of the branch flow, so as to adjust the speed. Flow control valves include: throttle valve, speed regulating valve, synchronous valve (divert valve, collector valve). 


As an explosive product of Hanjiu Technology, hydraulic directional control valves are widely used in many industrial, agricultural and manufacturing industries, especially our hot-selling products-1 spool valve hydraulic integrated valve and 3 spool valve hydraulic unit valve. These two ace hydraulic directional control valves have their own advantages, you can choose the right type according to your actual needs. If you want a small and practical hydraulic directional control valve, then you can choose 3 spool valve hydraulic single valve, which is the most cost-effective one of the single valves, with fine production technology, small and compact design, not only easy to install, but also more flexible, is a cost-effective choice. If you want an integral hydraulic control valve, then you can choose our 1 spool valve hydraulic integral valve, it has a cast iron overall structure with high tensile strength, long life, more convenient and reliable to use, and there are a variety of models to choose from, if you have further needs, you may wish to contact our customer service, we will solve the problem for you with the most professional technology. The reason why the hydraulic directional control valve can be regarded as the trump card product of Hanjiu Technology is because its quality is good enough, and we firmly believe that only high-quality products can retain customers. 


Believe me, if you don't try Hanjiu Technology's products, you will definitely suffer. Each product of Hanjiu Technology has undergone strict control and fine processing, and the product quality is absolutely guaranteed. Compared with other well-known old brands, Hanjiu Technology is more dynamic. We have a young team, but we also master the latest technologies in the field of hydraulics. We develop products that are more flexible and adaptable. It can meet the new requirements of the current market for hydraulic components to the greatest extent. Excellent quality and thoughtful service have always been the direction of our efforts.


If you buy from Hanjiu Technology, there is no need to worry about its quality, because Hanjiu Technology has been committed to manufacturing high-quality hydraulic components for more than ten years. If customers choose our Hanjiu technology products, we must live up to their trust. 


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