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OMT hydraulic drive motor is a series of many products of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., which includes motors of many specifications, such as OMT 160, OMT 200, OMT230, OMT 250, OMT 315, OMT400, OMT 500, OMT 630 and OMT 800, each of which has its own best field. Of course, they also have common characteristics. Let me show you below.

The raw materials of these hydraulic drive motor are made of alloy steel. In order to meet the motor performance requirements, one or several alloying elements (such as manganese, silicon, vanadium, titanium, niobium, boron, rare earth, etc.) are added to the steel. Through alloying, the comprehensive mechanical properties of stainless steel can be improved. It can obviously improve the technological properties of steel, such as hardenability, tempering stability and machinability. It can also make steel obtain some special physical and chemical properties, such as heat resistance, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Such excellent material characteristics can make hydraulic drive motor provide high-quality power, meet the needs of small to large, medium to heavy, and have stronger performance and longer life. OMT Hydraulic Drive Motor is equipped with advanced cycloidal gear set design, with low starting pressure, stable operation, high axial and radial force, and automatic compensation by distributing the flow through the disc. The superior side load capacity of can make your machine run smoothly and at ultra-low speed in most conditions. Its high-pressure shaft seal is standard configuration. Hanjiu has eliminated the need for tank drainage through innovative design, and improved the sense of happiness in use. Based on the reliability of high-quality design and manufacturing, we also provide customers with a twelve-month warranty period.

If you are interested in buying or learning about it, please contact us by visiting our https://www.hjhydraulic.com/, official website.

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