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The wide application of hydraulicorbit products is a great performance of human science and technology progress. The actuator of the hydraulic system converts the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy, so as to obtain the required linear reciprocating motion or rotary motion. The transmission power is large, and it is easy to transfer and configure. General industry, iron and steel industry, civil engineering, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and even military industry can see the use of hydraulic products. If you are engaged in the field of hydraulic rail engines, welcome to the official website of Hanjiu technology or store consultation or message you face the relevant problems.


  Hanjiu Technology is a professional hydraulic products manufacturing company for more than 10 years, headquartered in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China, is the first production and export of hydraulic rail engine factory in North China. Our wide range of quality motors, steering and cylinders are perfect for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. Machine tools, loaders, cranes, water tanks, fishing locomotives, earthmoving excavators, all kinds of tractors can be used. The compact structure, small size, low noise engine, even under high pressure conditions, it can also be high quality and long life operation.In terms of model matching, you don't have to worry. The production of relevant products of our company is carried out in cooperation with Danfoss, Charlin, M+S, Rexroth and other brand companies. Each product has been strictly monitored, so you can completely rest assured to buy and use it. The customer decides whether the product is good or not. At present, our hydraulic rail engines have been sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions, and by the customer praise, established a cooperative relationship.


We are committed to building an international brand and expanding long-term and stable cooperation in the hydraulic industry to the world. We treat every customer seriously. Contact us and we will make you happy.


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