hydraulic drive motor


Hydraulic motor is the executive element of the hydraulic transmission system, it converts the hydraulic energy from the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy of the rotary movement, thereby driving the load to work, the hydraulic motor is usually divided into high speed and low speed two categories. Like a hydraulic pump, the pressure of a hydraulic motor is determined by the load. The difference is that the pressure of the hydraulic pump refers to its outlet, while the hydraulic motor refers to its inlet. Hydraulic motor inlet pressure and outlet pressure. The difference is called the operating pressure difference of the motor. The working form of the hydraulic motor is the output torque, and its size value does not determine the motor itself but the load, but under the same load conditions, the motor pressure with a large working cavity is lower than the pressure of the motor with a small working cavity, so the size of the working cavity is an important indicator of the working capacity of the hydraulic motor.


The hydraulic drive motor is a balanced radial plunger internal curve motor, all internally designed for rolling friction, so it has high efficiency and low noise. Standard manifold mounts directly to the motor and offer multiple functions for simple and reliable design and operation. This hydraulic motor has small inertia, large starting torque, strong impact resistance and starting ability, and can start and stop quickly and frequently. It eliminates the need for mechanical gearbox, can be directly installed on the driven shaft, easy installation, no need to align and other complex equipment, small size, light weight.


Drive principle: There are still many differences between hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps of the same example. Because the premise of the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic pump is different, and the functional requirements for them are also divergent, the first hydraulic motor should be able to reverse or reverse, so its internal layout is required to be symmetrical. The speed scale of the hydraulic motor must be sufficient and large, and there are inevitable requirements for its minimum constant speed. Yes, it all takes rotating bearings or hydrostatic sliding bearings, and secondly, the hydraulic motor is not necessary to have self-priming ability because of the premise of entering pressure oil, but the initial tightness of the need is required to supply the required starting torque. It is precisely because of these differences that the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic pump have a similar specific force in layout, but they are not as reversible as they work.


Hydraulic drive motor in life is also widely used, used in agriculture, fishery, light industry, lifting transportation, construction machinery and other machinery slewing mechanism, Hanjiu can produce a variety of models of hydraulic drive motor, and the quality is very good, won the praise of customers.


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