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Hydraulic wheel motor is a product that is used a lot, and Hanjiu also manufactures many related products.


The removal steps and installation instructions of the hydraulic wheel motor are very important, if any mistake can damage the machine, let's learn these together.


Preparation before disassembly:


1. Remove the drain screw plug and drain the oil in the motor housing.


2. Loosen the 5 screws on the oil tray and remove the oil pan.


3. Take out the oil distribution plate, positioning ring, pad, cylindrical pin and double-head key.


Note: In order to prevent the change of rotation direction after reassembly, the output shaft end face and the oil distribution plate surface must be marked in the same direction.


Disassembly and assembly sequence:


1. Remove the cover, screw it into the center screw hole of the crankshaft with a clean screw, and lift out the crankshaft.


2. Remove the snap ring on the connecting rod.


3. Take out the assembly of the connecting rod of the plunger body, and make the corresponding marks one by one, so that the original assembly gap can still be guaranteed when reinstalling. Generally, users can check and repair it by dismantling here, and if necessary, they can disassemble the assembly of the plunger body and the connecting rod: loosen the hole with a spring retaining ring, take out the retaining ring, and the plunger body and connecting rod can be separated.


4. For assembly according to the above opposite procedure, pay attention to ensure the axial clearance of the bearing.


5. All parts must be cleaned before assembly to prevent scratches or bumps on any working surface.


6. If only the plunger sleeve has oil leakage from the sand hole or oil leakage from the joint surface of the plunger sleeve and the shell, you can loosen the screws on the plunger, remove the plunger sleeve, and replace the plunger sleeve or O-ring.


Hydraulic wheel motor prone to problems, cause analysis and elimination methods:


When the rotation is opposite to the predetermined direction, it may be that the oil distribution tray is reversed, and the oil distribution tray should be removed, the oil distribution plate should be removed, and the oil distribution tray should be removed and reloaded after rotating 180 degrees. When the motor does not rotate and the pressure rises, it is possible that a movement inside the motor bites each other or the load exceeds the set value, and the parts should be disassembled and inspected, and the parts should be replaced. When the contact surface of the shell leaks oil, it may be that the rubber sealing ring is damaged or aged, and the rubber sealing ring should be replaced in time. When the temperature rises too fast, check whether the system cooling is not enough or the main parts are seriously worn, and check and improve in time according to the problem.


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