Hydraulic Equipment


Hydraulics are actually equivalent to hydraulic systems. The hydraulic equipment includes the main hydraulic system and the steering hydraulic system, and the two systems share a hydraulic oil tank. The function of the main hydraulic system is to provide hydraulic power for the drilling rig during equipment adjustment and drilling and repair operations. It is equipped with various valve parts to control the correct and safe operation of each hydraulic equipment. The function of the steering hydraulic system is to provide hydraulic power for the hydraulic power steering of the front axle of the vehicle. It is equipped with various valves to control the pressure, flow direction and stable maximum flow of the hydraulic system to ensure the vehicle steering is light and flexible. The following is provided by Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. Briefly describe the composition of the main hydraulic system:


Hydraulic oil tank: storage, cooling, sedimentation and filtering of hydraulic oil.


Hydraulic oil pump: single gear structure, 2 sets, respectively installed on the two hydraulic gearbox power take-off boxes, driven by the torque converter pump wheel, the engine rotates, and the power take-off box can drive the oil pump.


Relief valve: pilot-operated structure, 2 sets, respectively installed at the oil outlet end of the main hydraulic oil pump. Adjust system pressure to prevent system overload and protect system and components safety.


Oil suction filter: self-sealing structure outside the box, installed on the side of the hydraulic oil tank, the oil suction cylinder is immersed under the liquid level in the oil tank, and the filter head of the filter is exposed outside the oil tank; it is equipped with self-sealing valve, bypass valve, The filter element contaminates the transmitter and other devices.


Oil return filter: equipped with bypass valve and differential pressure indicator, the filter filters solid impurities in hydraulic oil, prevents impurities in the pipeline from entering the oil tank, and keeps the system oil clean;


Lifting oil cylinder: three-stage composite oil cylinder structure, equipped with one-way throttle valve; lifting and lowering derrick, one-way throttle valve to prevent the phenomenon of gravity overspeed during the descent of the derrick and protect the safety of the derrick. This machine is equipped with double lift cylinders.


Telescopic cylinder, hydraulic telescopic two-layer derrick.


Clamping oil cylinder: The oil cylinder is a bidirectional piston structure. There are buffer devices at both ends of the cylinder head and the cylinder head to prevent the hydraulic impact of the oil cylinder. When the cylinder piston rod is retracted, tighten the cat head rope of the tongs to tighten and unload the drill string thread; the piston rod is extended, and the cat head rope returns.


Hydraulic small winch: planetary reduction mechanism, equipped with brake and balance valve, lifting objects safely and can hover in the air.


Two-way valve: installed in the lower part of the driller's control box, it is composed of an oil inlet valve plate, an oil return valve plate and a second working valve plate. The oil inlet valve plate is provided with a safety valve to adjust the working pressure entering the two-way valve.


Quadruple valve: installed on the hydraulic control board on the right rear of the frame, consisting of an oil inlet valve, an oil return valve and four working valves. The oil inlet valve plate is provided with a safety valve to adjust the working pressure of the inlet quadruple valve.


Six-way valve: installed on the hydraulic control box on the left rear of the frame. It is composed of oil inlet valve plate, oil return valve plate and six working valve plates. The oil inlet valve plate is provided with a safety valve to adjust the working pressure of the inlet six-way valve.


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