Precautions for the use of directional control valve


With the development of the industry, the directional control valve plays an increasingly important role in the industry. Undoubtedly, the correct use and maintenance of the directional control valve are crucial to the service life of the product and production safety. When using a directional control valve, you need to pay attention to the following points.


1. The manual that should be checked before installation, and pay attention to whether the model and specification are in line with the conditions of use, including power supply, working pressure, diameter, threaded interface, etc. Afterwards, power-on and ventilation tests should be carried out to check whether the reversing action of the valve is normal. Operated by manual device, whether the valve is reversed. After manual switching, the manual device should be restored.


2. Before installation, the dust, rust and other contaminants in the pipeline should be thoroughly removed. When connecting, prevent the fragments of the sealing band from entering the valve.


3. In order to pay attention to the installation direction of the blade, most electromagnetic blades should pay attention to the special requirements of the installation position and the specified requirements.


4. The quality of the air used should be strictly managed, attention should be paid to the management of air compressors and other equipment, and harmful impurities such as condensed water should be removed. The sealing element of the valve is usually made of nitrile nitrile rubber, and the turbine oil that does not corrode the rubber should be selected as the lubricating oil. Even for non-oil-lubricated valves, once oil-mist lubricated air is used, it cannot be re-used. Because the lubricating oil has washed away the original grease, it will cause lubrication after interruption.


5. For the double electric solenoid valve, an interlock circuit should be set up in the electrical circuit to prevent the coils from being burned by the electromagnets at both ends being energized at the same time.


6. When using a solenoid valve with low power, attention should be paid to the malfunction of the solenoid valve caused by the leakage current of the RC element of the relay contact protection circuit. Because this leakage current generates leakage voltage at both ends of the solenoid valve, if the leakage voltage is too large, the electromagnet will be energized all the time and cannot be turned off, and the leakage resistance can be connected at this time.


As the directional control valve is used for an extended period of time, failure or failure is inevitable. The failure or failure of the directional control valve is mainly caused by the excessive fitting clearance caused by wear, cavitation and other factors, the leakage of the directional control valve, and the abnormal movement or clamping of the directional control valve spool caused by the deposition of hydraulic oil pollutants. When the directional control valve fails or fails, most companies use the replacement of new components to restore the function of the hydraulic system, and the failed directional control valve becomes a waste product. In fact, most of these directional control valves are still in good condition and can be restored to function with partial repairs. The significance of studying the maintenance of directional control valve is not only to save the cost of component purchase. When the failed directional control valve has no spare parts or it takes a long time to order, and the equipment may be shut down for a long time, the operation of the equipment and even the entire production line can be temporarily maintained through maintenance. The economic benefits are considerable. In the practice of directional control valve maintenance, the commonly used repair processes include directional control valve cleaning, parts combination selection, repair size, etc.


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