Hydraulic Mobile Control Valves


If you are going to buy hydraulic mobile control valves, you first need to understand the meaning of the individual parameters. The main performance parameters of hydraulic mobile control valves include: specification, nominal pressure, nominal flow, and pressure loss, allowable back pressure, opening pressure, minimum stable flow, etc. This article will give a detailed introduction to this.

1. Nominal diameter
The size of the hydraulic mobile control valves specification is a nominal diameter (symbol: D. Unit: mm) to indicate that the nominal diameter of the valve is the nominal size of its oil inlet and outlet, not the actual size of the oil inlet and outlet port.

2.Nominal pressure
The nominal pressure of hydraulic mobile control valves refers to the nominal pressure of the hydraulic valve under rated operating conditions (symbol: Pg; Commonly used unit: MPa). The nominal pressure series of commonly used control valves are: 6.3, 10.0, 12.5, 16.0, 20.0, 25.0, 31.5, 40MPa, etc.

3. Nominal flow
The nominal flow rate generally refers to the nominal flow rate passed by Hydraulic mobile control valves under the rated working state, which is represented by Q, and the commonly used unit of measurement is L/min (liters per minute). It is of practical significance that the maximum flow value allowed to pass under the condition of ensuring normal operation should be specified, and the characteristic curve of the relevant performance parameters of the valve when various different flows below the maximum flow value of Hydraulic mobile control valves are further given, that is, the working characteristic curve of the valve, such as the relationship curve between flow flow and opening and closing sensitivity, the relationship curve between flow flow and pressure loss, etc.

Our products adopt advanced rotation and stator parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency, good holding force and stable operation. Furthermore, hydraulic mobile control valves are compact and easy to install. In addition to the basic features of the product, our products have the following advantages over similar products. First, imported bearings are adopted to ensure no leakage. Our products are compact and can effectively cut off the fluid in the pipeline so that it does not flow; Second, the product has been phosphated and is not easy to rust. We use a highly dense molecular layer to effectively prevent valve oxidation and increase the durability of the product.

Hydraulic mobile control valves is an important series of Hanjiu technology, this series of products have a high cost performance. Based on the concept of production quality first, every product of Hanjiu Technology is extremely durable. Welcome to our store to shop!

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