tractor loader hydraulic control valves


The main function of the hydraulic control valve is to receive the steering command from the controller and drive the tractor guide wheel to automatically turn according to the command. In order to ensure that the hydraulic system is always in a good and stable operating state, improve the utilization rate and integrity rate of the equipment, prevent the occurrence of failure, and extend its service life, it has become an indispensable part, and the following is introduced to you by Hanjiu Technology from five aspects about the maintenance knowledge of the hydraulic system.

1. During each shift maintenance, the oil level of the tank and the reliability of the hydraulic system seal should be checked. When leaking from the oil pipe or hose fitting, the nut should be tightened, and if the leakage cannot be eliminated, the hose should be replaced. If the rubber seal leaks, the sealing ring should be checked, and if there are cracks, wrinkles, peeling, etc., it should be replaced with a new product.

2. The connection of the hydraulic hose must prevent sharp bending and twisting, and it is usually specified that the radius of curvature at the hose joint is not less than 8 times the outer diameter of the hose.

3. Hydraulic pump, distributor and hydraulic cylinder are precision parts, have been adjusted when leaving the factory, generally do not adjust in use, when it must be adjusted, should enter the repair shop by professionals on the test bench. Generally, it is not easy to disassemble, when it must be disassembled, do not knock, bump, fall and pay attention to cleaning, to prevent disassembly into the dirt. When disassembling the hydraulic system components, pay attention to cleanliness, avoid dirt entering the hydraulic system and cause wear of the parts, plug the holes at the connection of each pipe with screw plugs, plug special plugs on the components, and strictly prohibit cotton yarn or rags to block.

4. The safety pressure of each oil pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and cannot be adjusted casually. Check regularly and make appropriate adjustments in professional repair shops. The filter of the hydraulic system oil tank must be cleaned after every 200~300h of work. After cleaning, blow the vent cover of the oil tank with compressed air and clean the air holes.

5. Pay attention to the following matters when replacing hydraulic oil. The first is to turn off the engine and release the oil in the fuel tank and hydraulic system parts while it is hot. The second is to add the cleaning diesel fuel to the hydraulic system tank, start the engine, and raise the suspension device 4~5 times (so that the hydraulic system reciprocates). The third is to turn off the engine, release the cleaned diesel fuel from the fuel tank, distributor and oil cylinder respectively, when the cylinder hose is separated from the oil pipe, the end face must be wrapped with a clean cloth or paper to prevent dust and dirt from entering the hose and oil pipe. The fourth is to take out the filter in the hydraulic oil tank and clean it with diesel.

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