Hydraulic Monoblock Valves


Any hydraulic system, no matter how simple, cannot lack hydraulic monoblock valve; Therefore, hydraulic monoblock valve are the most varied, widely used and active part of hydraulic technology; Hydraulic monoblock valves is one of the most popular hydraulic monoblock valve. Why?

Because of its flexible action, reliable function, small impact and vibration during work, low noise, and relatively long service life. In addition, it has compact structure, easy installation, commissioning, use and maintenance, and good versatility.

However, in the actual use of hydraulic monoblock valves, due to various factors, the hydraulic monoblock valve may have some failures, which will adversely affect the normal use of hydraulic equipment, for instance, in the actual use of hydraulic equipment, due to hydraulic oil pollution will lead to oil precipitation, or some granular impurities in the hydraulic oil, these will cause the hydraulic monoblock valve to fail, usually after disassembly and cleaning, these troubleshooting can be carried out, so that the hydraulic monoblock valve can restore its function. For hydraulic monoblock valve disassembly and cleaning, it mainly includes the following 4 aspects:

(1) Disassembly. For hydraulic monoblock valve, although most of the various parts are connected by bolts, the hydraulic monoblock valve is not disassembled when designing, and if it is forcibly disassembled due to the lack of special equipment or lack of professional technology, the result may be damage to the hydraulic monoblock valve. So, try to hire a professional to do this step

(2) Check and clean up. Inspect the valve body and valve spool and other parts, observe their dirt deposits, and carefully remove the dirt with a brush without causing damage to the working surface.

(3) Coarse washing. Place the spool and body on the tray of the washing tank, heat and soak them, and ultrasonic cleaning is possible when conditions permit.

(4) Assemble. According to the schematic diagram of the hydraulic monoblock valve or the assembly relationship of the parts recorded during disassembly, careful operation should be paid during the assembly process to prevent the parts from being damaged. For some original sealing materials, it is easy to be damaged during the actual disassembly process, so please be careful.

Reading so far, maybe you think that the cleaning steps are too troublesome. You can choose to purchase our hydraulic monoblock valves,In addition, if your valve is really broken during subsequent use, you can contact us, we provide a very full range of accessories, to help you minimize trouble!

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