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Hello everyone, in the previous article we introduced the knowledge of small hydraulic motors, today Hanjiu Technology will introduce you to the hydraulic motor brak


The brake hydraulic motor is a shaft distribution hydraulic motor with a higher load capacity and can be used for long-term operation under high pressure. The overall structure design of the output shaft and distribution mechanism, the toothed stator and rotor, the rolling bearing support at both ends, and the special inlet rotary sealing ring allow the motor to work under high back pressure. Hydraulic motors with integrated brakes are suitable for many hydraulic motor markets and are ideal for applications where overall machine design space is a problem. This solution eliminates the need for a separate brake unit and delivers reliable holding torque of up to 1580 Nm [14,000 lb-in] in a single, compact package. It is the best choice for many customers.


Hydraulic Motor Brake is a best-selling product currently sold by Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu Technology is a company focusing on the research and development of hydraulic motors, can provide a variety of brands of hydraulic motors, these products are good quality, affordable price, and Hanjiu Technology can achieve fast delivery time, because their production scale is large, stocked is sufficient, is the largest hydraulic products production company in northern China. In general, the hydraulic motor brake produced by Hanjiu Technology has the following characteristics:


1. Compact shell design provides high power-to-weight ratio

2. The heavy-duty drive connecting rod is the most durable of its kind, and it adopts full-flow lubrication, which can reduce wear and extend the overall service life of the motor

3. The three-zone orbital valve accurately meters the oil to produce excellent volumetric efficiency

4. The rubber electrified steel seal in the rail valve can better prevent the seal from being squeezed and overheated

5. The standard shell discharge port prolongs the overall shaft seal life by reducing the shaft seal pressure

6. Low noise, special distribution system parameter design, can meet the low noise requirements.


These products are suitable for construction machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, petroleum and coal mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, light industry, plastic machinery, geological drilling equipment and other industries, and small size, high efficiency, high power and long life.


Hanjiu's after-sales service is in place, all products have a one-year warranty, during which Hanjiu will provide you with technical support, so you don't have to worry about the use of problems. In addition, please be sure to sign for the receipt as soon as the item is delivered and contacted to you. Please confirm whether the packaging is intact in person before signing for receipt, if you find that the outer packaging is damaged, etc., please take photos on the spot for evidence and contact our online customer service, we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible. Before signing for the receipt, be sure to verify whether the quantity and category of goods are consistent with the order, if you find that the product is missing and wrong during the inspection, please take photos within 24 hours and contact online customer service, we will quickly confirm and will deal with it for you in time. If the reception time is exceeded


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