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Small hydraulic motors is a miniature shaft flow distribution motor, paid with integral rotary stators, compact structure, light weight, high power density. Compared with ordinary hydraulic motors, it is distinguished by its ability to be installed and used in a small space. Small hydraulic motors are widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation, machine manufacturing and other departments, such as polishing machines, hydraulic presses, conveyors, manipulators, injection molding machines, harvesters, tubing pliers, manipulators, lifting cranes and other mechanical equipment.


Small hydraulic motors is small and compact, high speed and pressure, forward and reverse switching stability, its characteristics make it can be used to replace the traditional motor after the hydraulic system, the traditional motor sometimes occurs overload and burned out the phenomenon during use. Small hydraulic motors because of the hydraulic system safety protection valve can unload the overflow, so it can avoid similar phenomena, more importantly, it is small size, very light weight, volume and weight is only equivalent to one-tenth of the same power motor, saving a lot of installation space and daily maintenance process, but also easy to transport. It is believed that the modification of electric motors with small hydraulic motors will become a trend in the future in the near future.


The following two common problems may occur in daily use of small hydraulic motors, here are some solutions for you. First, small hydraulic motors in the usual long-term use of the oil seal and the output shaft in a state of constant friction, will inevitably make the oil seal and shaft contact surface wear, long-term this will lead to motor oil leakage, at this time need to replace the oil seal, if the output shaft wear is too serious can also replace the output by; Oil leakage at the closure or motor gap only needs to replace the sealing ring under the cover. Second, various parts inside the motor are rubbing against each other during operation. If the hydraulic oil quality in the system is too poor, it will accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the motor, when the needle column in the stator body is too worn will lead to the inability to achieve the normal oil sealing effect, will cause the motor to leak too large, at this time need to replace the needle column as soon as possible. If the wear between the output shaft and the housing, resulting in grooves inside the housing and increased motor leakage, resulting in motor weakness, the main reason for the failure is that the purity of the hydraulic oil is not enough to contain too many impurities, then we need to replace the shell or the entire pairing.


The above is the solution to the two faults that often occur in the use of small hydraulic motors, motor oil leakage and motor operation weakness.


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