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A hydraulic motor is an executive element of a hydraulic system that converts the liquid pressure energy provided by a hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy of its output shaft. Liquid is the medium that transmits force and motion.


Hydraulic motors are now used in many applications such as winch and crane drives, wheel motors for military vehicles, self-propelled cranes, excavators, conveyor and feeder drives, cooling fan drives, mixer and agitator drives, roller mills, drum drives for digesters, trommel screens and kilns, shredders, drilling rigs, trenchers, high-power lawn trimmers and injection molding machines, and hydraulic motors are also used in heat transfer applications.


From the point of view of energy conversion, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are hydraulic components that work reversibly, and the input of working fluid to any kind of hydraulic pump can make it become a hydraulic motor condition. Conversely, when the spindle of the hydraulic motor is driven and rotated by an external torque, it can also become a hydraulic pump working condition. Because they have the same basic structural elements - a closed and periodically variable volume and a corresponding oil distribution mechanism. However, due to the different working conditions of hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps, their performance requirements are also different, so there are still many differences between the same type of hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump. First of all, the hydraulic motor should be able to reverse and reverse, so its internal knot is required to be loose and symmetrical. The speed range of the hydraulic motor needs to be large enough, especially for its minimum stable speed. Therefore, it usually uses rolling bearings or hydrostatic plain bearings. Secondly, because the hydraulic motor works under the condition of input pressure oil, it does not have to have self-priming ability, but it needs a certain initial tightness to provide the necessary starting torque. Due to these differences, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps are structurally similar, but they cannot work reversibly.


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