Hydraulic motor with brake produced by Hanjiu


When hydraulic motors are used to lift heavy objects or drive vehicles, in order to prevent the occurrence of engineering accidents such as the fall of heavy objects when stopping and the vehicle sliding on the slope, there must be certain requirements for its braking performance. The braking performance of a hydraulic motor can be expressed by its slip speed that the higher the slip speed, the worse the braking performance. The braking performance of hydraulic motors is related to engineering safety and must be taken seriously.


Hanjiu company is the largest hydraulic products production company in northern China, after years of development, has now become a leader in the field of hydraulics, and Hanjiu cooperation customers throughout the United States, Canada and other more than 30 countries, and these customers are many times of cooperation with old customers, because Hanjiu's product quality is good enough, service is thoughtful, so it can attract customers to cooperate many times.


The hydraulic motor with brake produced by Hanjiu adopts an advanced Geroler gear set design, and the disc distributes flow and high pressure. The unit can provide independent multi-function operation according to the needs of the application. It adopts low starting pressure, stable and reliable operation, and high efficiency. The output shaft adapts to tapered roller bearings, allowing high axial and radial forces. In a wide range of applications, the housing can provide the ability to provide high pressure and high torque.


Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hydraulic motors with brakes, and can customize brakes for various types of hydraulic motors, welcome customers to inquire. In general, the hydraulic motor with brake produced by Hanjiu has the following advantages:

1. Unique friction material and high-strength spring design are adopted; Long service life, no noise, high braking reliability.

2. The oil drain port design can meet the requirements of various working conditions. 

3. Compact structure and easy installation.

4. Cost-effective and affordable. Buying in bulk is more affordable

5. Fast delivery, short transportation time, and multiple packaging to ensure the integrity of the product.


Hanjiu company is specialized in the production of all kinds of hydraulic motors, hydraulic transmission devices, hydraulic complete sets of equipment and other professional manufacturing companies, has rich design experience, advanced manufacturing technology, reliable quality assurance system, products are widely used in construction machinery, metallurgical equipment, ships, coal mines, geological exploration, railway, shipbuilding, environmental protection, machine tools, light industry and plastic injection molding machinery, if you have special requirements for product specifications, you can also contact us for your special customization.



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