Cause of noise generated by hyd motors when working


Many people find that the hydraulic motor noise is too loud when using the hydraulic motor, but do not know the specific reason, do not worry, Hanjiu Technology today will specifically analyze the possible causes of noise when the hydraulic motor works, I hope this article will help you.


1. Air intrusion. When the hydraulic system invades the air, its volume is larger in the low-pressure area, when it flows to the high-pressure area, it is compressed, the volume suddenly shrinks, and when it flows into the low-pressure area, the volume suddenly increases, and the sudden change of the volume of this bubble produces an "explosion" phenomenon, resulting in noise, which is often called "hole". Air intrusion into the hydraulic system is the main cause of noise. The solution to the problem: often set the exhaust device on the hydraulic cylinder to allow exhaust. In addition, Han Jiu Xiaobian told everyone that after driving, it is also a common method to exhaust the actuator several times in a quick full stroke:


The hydraulic motor is not of good quality and is usually the main part that generates noise in the hydraulic transmission. The manufacturing quality of the hydraulic motor is not good, the accuracy does not meet the technical requirements, the pressure and flow fluctuate greatly, the oil trap phenomenon is not well eliminated, the sealing is not good, and the bearing quality is poor, which are the main causes of noise. In use, due to the wear of hydraulic motor parts, the clearance is too large, the flow is insufficient, and the pressure is easy to fluctuate, which will also cause noise. In the face of the above reasons, one is to choose a good quality hydraulic motor or hydraulic motor, the other is to strengthen repair and maintenance, if the hydraulic motor is not selected correctly, it should be replaced. Hanjiu company has advanced production technology and production equipment, all products will go through multiple inspections before leaving the factory, the quality is absolutely passed, and there is a one-year warranty period, if you have high quality requirements for products, you can go to Hanjiu company to buy related products. 


2. The relief valve is unstable, such as due to improper coordination between the spool valve and the valve hole or the contact between the poppet valve and the valve seat is stuck by dirt, the damping hole is blocked, the spring is skewed or failed, etc., the valve core is stuck or does not move well in the valve hole, causing system pressure fluctuations and noise. In this regard, attention should be paid to cleaning and unclogging the yin hole; Inspect the relief valve, if it is found to be damaged, or due to wear and tear exceeding the regulations, it should be repaired or replaced in time.


3. The directional valve is improperly adjusted, so that the spool of the directional valve moves too fast, resulting in reversing shock, resulting in noise and vibration. In this case, if the directional valve is a hydraulic directional valve, the throttling element in the control oil circuit should be adjusted to make the reversing smooth and shock-free.


4. Mechanical vibration, such as slender oil pipe, many elbows and not fixed, when the oil flow passes, especially when the flow rate is high, it is easy to cause the pipe to shake; Vibration and noise can be generated by the unbalanced rotating part of the motor and hydraulic motor, or poor alignment during installation, or loose couplings. The measures that should be taken in this regard are: the longer oil pipes should be separated from each other and separated from the machine tool wall, and appropriate support pipe clamps should be added; Adjust the mounting accuracy of the motor and hydraulic motor.


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