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Hydraulic motor is an energy conversion device that converts the hydraulic energy provided by the hydraulic pump into rotating mechanical energy when the output rotational movement is output. Hydraulic motors can be divided into gear type, vane type, radial piston type, axial piston type, screw type and other types according to their structural type. According to the rated speed of the hydraulic motor, it is divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. Those with rated speeds higher than 500r/min belong to high-speed hydraulic motors, and those rated at speeds below 500r/min belong to low-speed hydraulic motors. Generally, the basic types of high-speed hydraulic motors are gear type, screw type, vane type and axial piston type. The basic type of low-speed hydraulic motor is the radial piston type, and there are also low-speed structural types in axial piston type, vane type, and gear type.

In order to improve the service life of the hydraulic motor, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the improvement of production quality, but also to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance in daily use, and must pay attention to the correct operation process during daily use, which can greatly reduce the loss of pressure energy of the hydraulic motor.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the way it is saved. In daily storage, attention should be paid to the hollow shaft inner hole as far as possible as a fulcrum, but if the hydraulic motor has a clamping plate, the hollow shaft inner hole must not be used as a fulcrum, so it is extremely easy to clamp the disc. If you are storing your hydraulic motor in non-temperature-controlled terrain for more than three months, you need to inject the hydraulic motor with as much oil as possible into the car without debris falling into the motor.

Here are the steps you can take to check your hydraulic motor for problems. First of all, before operation, check whether all components of the hydraulic system are properly connected, and add oil to a special aspect ratio according to the filter. Then start and run the hydraulic motor for 10~15 minutes under no load, and also check whether there is foam in the exhaust pipe and oil tank, whether there is noise in the system, and whether the motor cylinder has hysteresis, which proves that there is gas in the material system. Finally, after removing the gas, fill the oil tank, and then slowly increase the load to the motor until the maximum load, and observe whether there are abnormal problems, such as noise, oil rise and oil leakage.

The disassembly and replacement of hydraulic motors should be carried out in accordance with maintenance specifications. If it is not a common fault of the hydraulic motor, you are not sure about it, you can send the hydraulic motor back to the manufacturer for repair, do not disassemble it yourself.

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