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Hydraulic motor, also known as oil motor, is a working device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, outputs mechanical energy outward with rotational movement, and obtains the speed and torque on the output shaft. This product is mainly used in machinery, ships, petroleum, coal mines and other occasions. Hydraulic motor according to the output torque size and speed can be divided into two types, the first is high-speed hydraulic motor can also be called small torque hydraulic motor, the speed range is generally 3000r/min or higher, torque is below hundreds of Newton meters; The other type is a low-speed hydraulic motor, also known as a small torque hydraulic motor, the speed is generally less than 300r/min, and the torque is hundreds to tens of thousands of Newton meters.

There are also some precautions in the process of installing the hydraulic motor.
First of all, when installing hydraulic motors or hydraulic pumps, transmission parts such as pulleys and gears cannot be directly installed on the shaft of the pump and motor, which can easily lead to machine failure and bend the shaft inside the hydraulic pump.

Secondly, when installing the support frame and motor shaft of the hydraulic motor winch, there must be sufficient bending rigidity, which is used to relieve the effect of the small and medium-sized walking hydraulic motor when it exerts torque. If the stiffness is not bent enough, it is very likely to lead to deformation and major liability safety accidents.

Finally, many hydraulic motors will leak oil during use, and some even start to leak oil after replacing the seal ring for less than a month. If you keep letting workers replace the sealing ring, it not only consumes manpower but also increases financial expenditure. The reason for oil leakage is that when the hydraulic motor drives the pulley through the chain drive, the chain drive will also produce radial force, and the oil seal will be deformed during the operation of the hydraulic motor, resulting in poor sealing and oil leakage. At this time, we only need to use the unloading structure to make the oil seal not withstand radial force, thereby reducing the probability of oil leakage and replacing the frequency of oil seal.

In addition, it should be noted that the hydraulic motor with a long battery life cannot be run at full load immediately at the beginning, and should be operated for a period of time before normal application.

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