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There are many companies that produce hydraulic motors. Today, I would like to introduce a company that I trust very much. It is Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd.


Hanjiu has been specializing in the production of hydraulic motors since 2010. It is the first and largest hydraulic product manufacturer in northern China. The biggest feature of Hanjiu products is good quality, low price and high cost performance. Different from ordinary laughter factories, Hanjiu has enough space, funds and talents to ensure the stable production and research and development of products. Hanjiu's professional R&D team continues to make progress in the field of hydraulic motor products to ensure that the products produced by Hanjiu are of the best quality. performance. Hanjiu has three fully automatic production lines and strict factory inspection, which can ensure that all the products that leave the factory have the same high quality. Because of high production capacity and broad market, Hanjiu has the strength and confidence to sell goods at lower prices. Hanjiu's service target is always the international market, facing the world market and serving the world market is Hanjiu's consistent aim.


The biggest feature of Hanjiu's service is caring and comprehensive. Hanjiu always adheres to the customer first, attaches great importance to the customer's service experience, and will patiently reply to each customer's questions and help customers solve their problems. All products have a one-year warranty period after they are sold. If you find any problems during this period, you can ask Hanjiu, and they have professional personnel to guide you.


If you have purchased a hydraulic motor from Hanjiu, you need to pay attention to the following points during the installation process:


1. The frame on which the motor is installed must have sufficient rigidity

①The brackets and bases on which the motor is installed must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the reaction force acting on the motor when it outputs torque.

②Insufficient rigidity of the frame where the motor is installed will cause vibration or deformation, or even an accident, and the concentricity of the connection between the driver and the motor shaft cannot be guaranteed to be within 0.1mm.


2. Hydraulic motor and gearbox should not be used together

①One of the characteristics of hydraulic transmission is that the power-to-weight ratio is large, and in general, the hydraulic motor circuit itself can complete the usual speed regulation and variable speed functions.

②If the hydraulic motor is used together with the gear box, the characteristics of hydraulic control will be lost, and the volume and cost of the equipment will also be significantly increased.


3. The drain port of the hydraulic motor should be returned to the oil tank separately

①Although all the return oil pressures are not high in general concept, the return oil in many hydraulic systems still has a certain pressure, and the oil drain chamber of the hydraulic motor is not allowed to have pressure.

②The inside of the oil drain port of the hydraulic motor is connected to the housing cavity, and the shaft seal of the motor shaft only acts as a seal and cannot withstand pressure. If this port is connected with other oil return lines, it is easy to cause damage to the motor shaft seal, resulting in oil leakage. Therefore, it is not allowed to connect the oil drain port of the hydraulic motor with other oil return lines.


4. It is not advisable to enter air into the hydraulic motor

①When the hydraulic system works initially, it will inevitably contain air in the pipeline of the system.

②An important part of system debugging is to exhaust the air in the system, which is especially important for hydraulic motors.

③ The hydraulic medium has a process of suddenly changing from high pressure to low pressure in the motor, and the frequency of this process is very high, about 10 times per revolution on average.

④ When the hydraulic oil entering the motor contains air, cavitation will occur locally at the sudden change of pressure, which will cause the motor to be damaged quickly.


If you are interested in related products, go to Hanjiu's official website www.hjhydraulic.com to have a look!http://www.hjhydraulic.com


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