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Hydraulic motor belongs to the high precision parts products, so the price in the market is not cheap, the average market price of hydraulic motor from 300 yuan-30,000 have products. The price of a hydraulic motor is also related to many factors, such as pressure, flow, and rotational speed.


If you need to buy a walking hydraulic motor, then in turn, start with your own needs, first determine how fast you want to speed at, and then roughly calculate the speed of the wheel according to the diameter of the wheel. Then according to the full weight of the vehicle, and the number of wheels, determine the bearing capacity of the active wheel (the wheel with a motor), according to the bearing capacity and friction coefficient, can determine the torque of the wheel. With the speed and torque, and the general system pressure, you can select the right motor. In most cases, gear motors are the cheapest, cyclods are more expensive, and plunger motors are the most expensive. When buying, we should comprehensively consider the cost from all aspects.


Some international famous hydraulic brands, Danvers, Eaton due to good product quality, sell is very expensive, the pursuit of cost-effective friends recommend to buy han long science and technology brand, this is a innovative, professional hydraulic manufacturers, their hydraulic motor quality can be completely comparable to the international famous brand, and there are a lot of improved innovative products, refused to homogeneity is their pursuit. For example, the BMR series of motors, they use the advanced gear set design, allowing it to be automatically compensated under high pressure operation, providing a reliable and smooth use experience, and simple to operate, high efficiency, and long life. Advanced manufacturing equipment for Gerolor gear sets, using low voltage start, shaft seal can withstand high pressure on the back, and motors can be used in parallel or in series. The special design of the drive connector extends the service life, and the special design of the power distribution system can also meet the requirements of low noise of the unit, and the small volume, easy to install. This is just a series of Hanjiu Technology, and there are many excellent or better products like this. The point is that Hanjiu Technology Company's products are very cheap, because their belief is to reduce their profits and get lower prices for their customers, and you can even buy the same quality products at half of the price of the big brand.


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