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In the process of actual production and labor, many people will increase or decrease the speed of the hydraulic motor according to their needs, so as to make the machine run more smoothly. In fact, the speed of the hydraulic motor is determined by the displacement, and the output torque is determined by the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. In fact, like a hydraulic cylinder, the load determines the pressure, and the flow determines the speed. So how should we adjust the speed of the hydraulic motor? Here are some safe and effective tips, come and have a look!


First of all, we need to make it clear that the hydraulic motor can achieve the purpose of speed regulation by changing the input flow or motor displacement.

There are three main ways of speed control loop:

1) Throttling speed control circuit: oil is supplied by a quantitative pump, and the flow rate entering or leaving the actuator is adjusted by a flow valve to realize speed control

2) Volume speed control circuit: adjust the speed by adjusting the displacement of the variable pump or variable motor;

3) Volume throttling speed control circuit: supply oil with a pressure-limiting variable pump, adjust the flow into the actuator by the flow valve, and make the variable

The flow of the pump is adapted to the flow of the regulating valve to achieve speed regulation.



According to the installation position of the flow valve

Inlet circuit throttle speed control circuit

Oil return circuit throttle speed control circuit

Bypass oil circuit throttle speed control circuit

1. Throttle speed control circuit of oil inlet circuit

The principle of speed regulation: install the throttle valve on the oil inlet of the hydraulic motor, that is, connect the throttle valve in series on the oil circuit between the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor, and adjust the throttle valve area A to change the flow rate and thus the speed. , and must be used in conjunction with a relief valve.

Composition: quantitative hydraulic pump, throttle valve, relief valve, hydraulic motor, etc.


2. Oil return circuit throttle speed control circuit

The throttle valve is connected in series on the oil return circuit of the hydraulic motor, and it is used to control the oil discharge of the hydraulic cylinder, which also controls the oil intake of the hydraulic motor and achieves the purpose of adjusting the movement speed of the hydraulic motor.

The excess oil from the oil pump returns to the oil tank through the overflow valve. The outlet pressure of the pump is the adjustment pressure of the relief valve, and it basically maintains a constant value.


There are many kinds of hydraulic motors on the market, and there are motors with various flow rates and torques. If you feel that the above method is too troublesome, you can directly buy products that meet your needs. Most manufacturers will introduce the detailed parameters of this hydraulic motor in detail on the product interface.


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