How to install a Orbital motor


For a reasonably designed hydraulic equipment, if the installation and debugging is not correct or the debugging and maintenance cannot be carried out correctly, various failures will occur, and its good working performance cannot be exerted and maintained for a long time. To install and debug a new orbital motor, the general precautions are as follows:


1. When installing and assembling, the hydraulic parts and auxiliary parts installed in the main engine must be strictly cleaned to remove the rust inhibitor and all dirt that are harmful to the working fluid. All plugs, plastic plugs, pipe plugs, etc. of hydraulic parts and oil ports of pipelines shall be gradually removed with the progress of the project, rather than being removed first to prevent dirt from entering the interior of the components from the oil ports.


2. It must be ensured that the inner and outer surfaces of the fuel tank, the mating surfaces of the main engine and other visible components are clean.


3. The exposed parts of the components (such as piston rods) in contact with the working fluid should be protected to prevent the entry of dirt.


4. The fuel tank cover, nozzle and air filter must be fully sealed to ensure that the unfiltered air does not enter the hydraulic system.


5. On or near the fuel tank, a nameplate indicating the type of oil and system capacity should be provided.


6. Filter the working fluid specified by the equipment to the required cleanliness level before injecting into the system.


7. The hydraulic device and the working mechanism can be connected together to complete the predetermined action, so pay attention to the quality of the connection and assembly between the two (such as concentricity, relative position, stress condition, fixing method and sealing quality, etc.).


8. Before the official use, you'd better conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product, eliminate product problems in time, and ensure the safe operation of the product in the later stage. The parts you need to check are the following:

(1) The orbital motor should be tested for its volumetric efficiency under rated pressure and flow.

(2) The directional control valve should be tested for its commutation, pressure loss, internal and external leakage and other issues.


Follow the above guidelines during installation, and you can basically guarantee that your device will not have problems. Of course, the orbital motor is a high-precision machine, so there are many points to pay attention to in the follow-up use. Reasonable use and maintenance can prolong the service life of the product. For specific precautions, you can go to the official website of Hanjiu. .com. There is a lot of professional information about hydraulic motors on it, I believe it can solve your doubts in this regard.


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