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The hydraulic motor is a mechanical actuator that combines hydraulic pressure, input torque and angular displacement. The hydraulic motor is the rotating counterpart of the hydraulic cylinder and is used as a linear actuator. In the broadest sense, the category of equipment called hydraulic motors sometimes includes equipment that generates electricity from water. Conceptually, the hydraulic motor should be interchangeable with the hydraulic pump, because its functions are opposite to the way that the DC motor can be interchanged with the DC generator theoretically. However, many hydraulic pumps cannot be used as hydraulic motors because they cannot be driven in reverse. In addition, the hydraulic motor is usually designed for the working pressure on both sides of the motor, while most hydraulic pumps rely on the low pressure provided by the reservoir inside the pump, which will leak fluid when used as a motor. If you are looking for a suitable and cost-effective hydraulic motor, you'd better go to Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd.


Hanjiu brand has great advantages in hydraulic motors price. Customers can spend less money to buy hydraulic products of the same quality as international famous brands. The hydraulic motor of our company is compact in structure, and adopts disc valve motor and cooler type. Heavy duty application of track motor; It can be completely interchangeable with Danfos, Eaton, M+S, etc. Shaft and tapered roller bearings ensure high static and dynamic load capacity; Track assembly with rollers. Independent integrated valve; Large volume, high mechanical efficiency; High pressure capacity shaft seal design; The design and manufacture of splines and driving devices make the motor durable; Various mounting flanges, shafts, ports and speeds provide design flexibility; Simple and smooth control of axis rotation direction and speed; The best combination of efficiency and economy is suitable for medium load applications.


Hanjiu has a relatively perfect product quality system from employees to raw materials, from parts processing, assembly solutions to products, and has passed CE certification. It uses high-end machine tools, strives for perfection, and provides the most humanistic services. It manufactures and serves the world with good products and services. Our factory is committed to building an international famous brand, and looks forward to long-term cooperation with more demanding hydraulic products. Welcome to consult.


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