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Orbital motor is a small, low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor with internal meshing cycloid gear type. Its structure is simple, low speed performance is good, and short-term overload capacity is strong. The orbital motor has a stator and a movable blade inside, the stator, blade and transmission shaft divide the motor into two cavities, each cavity has an oil port, when one oil port enters the oil and the other comes out of the oil, the push blade of the oil inlet swings. In daily work, we often see customers complaining about its poor performance, but many problems have been analyzed and found that the problem of poor performance or damage caused by incorrect use of orbital hydraulic motors in actual use is common. The following small series will introduce some related attention to the problems.


1. Installation aspect. The installation and fixing support of the orbital hydraulic motor should have sufficient rigidity. When the system has pressure impact, the motor is not allowed to vibrate, which is easy to damage the motor; The output shaft of the motor should be coaxial with the centerline of the connected coupling; When the oil inlet and return of the motor are steel pipes, the stress of the pipeline should be completely removed, and the pipeline should not be allowed to have force on the motor. When connecting the oil drain pipe, the oil return resistance should be below 0.3MPa, separately connected to the oil tank, must not be connected in series with other oil return pipelines, if the oil return resistance (back pressure) is too high, it will cause the technical performance of the motor to deteriorate; Before the motor is installed and started, the motor housing is filled with clean hydraulic oil from both oil ports. Turn the output shaft, if there is no abnormality, it can be installed; The radial load borne by the motor output shaft should not exceed the specified value, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the motor work and shorten its service life; When the motor is put into operation for about 200h, the oil should be changed and the oil filter should be cleaned.


2. System design. The intermittent working pressure of the motor refers to the maximum allowable working pressure of the motor oil inlet, and the continuous working pressure refers to the pressure difference between the oil inlet and the oil return port; It is not allowed to use the motor at maximum speed and maximum pressure at the same time; Under intermittent working conditions, the running time of the motor per minute shall not exceed 10%; Maximum oil temperature 80°C; The shaft seal assembly used in the orbital motor can generally withstand high working pressure, but in order to obtain good life and comprehensive mechanical properties, it is recommended to use a back pressure of no more than 5MPa, and it is recommended to connect the oil leakage pipe when it is exceeded, and when connecting the oil leakage pipe, it should be ensured that the motor can always be filled with oil. In addition to maintaining a low back pressure, the oil pipe can also take away the wear pollutants generated inside the motor and produce a certain cooling effect.


If you have related needs, you can take a look at our Hanjiu hydraulic orbital motor. BMP, BMR, BMS, BMH, BMT, BMV are alternative to Danfoss OMP, Eaton Charlin H series, M+S MP series and other European brands. These orbital motors can provide premium power to meet small to large, medium to heavy duty needs. The advanced Geroler gear set is designed with low starting pressure, smooth operation, high axial and radial force disc distribution, flow distribution, automatic compensation, robust construction and longer service life. I will introduce you to a very cost-effective product, that is, this hydraulic product swing motor 50 of our Hanjiu company. BMP is a basic rail motor with top quality and stable performance in China. Suitable for all automation and motion control applications. It has the following characteristics: displacement of 50 - 400 cm3/rev; Speed range from 145 - 858 rpm; Maximum pressures from 90/110 bar to 125/140 bar (continuous/peak); The maximum torque is 74 Nm/521 Nm. It has a low-pressure start; Strengthen shaft seal; High starting torque and the ability to withstand significant back pressure; the ability to transmit axial and radial loads; Small size, easy installation and other advantages.


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