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If you can see Hanjiu Technology on the website, then I guess you have a certain understanding of hydraulic motors. Hydraulic motor is also called oil motor, which converts the pressure of input oil into mechanical energy to drive the operation of mechanical work. Hydraulic motors involve a wide range of uses, and can be used in large-scale projects such as injection molding machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, marine machinery, port machinery, etc., as well as small truck cranes, sweepers, sprinklers, and excavators. , loaders and other machinery, covering most of the harvesters in construction models, agricultural tools, fishing vehicles and other projects. Therefore, many factories focus on the manufacture of hydraulic motors, but the quality is still mixed.


Generally speaking, hydraulic motors can be divided into gear type, vane type, plunger type and other types according to their structure types. According to its rated speed, it can be divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. The rated speed higher than 500r/min belongs to the high-speed hydraulic motor, and the rated speed lower than 500r/min belongs to the low-speed hydraulic motor. General factories produce few types of motors due to their limited manufacturing capacity. Too well-known brands will have higher prices due to product positioning and company positioning, so it is difficult to choose when purchasing. In this case, I think Hanjiu Technology is the best choice because it is the most cost-effective. We are a company specializing in the manufacture of hydraulic products and have been deeply involved in the hydraulic industry for more than ten years. Since its official establishment in Hebei, China in 2010, the company has been adhering to the original principle of customer first. We have an advanced professional technical team working hard. In China, the hydraulic industry has always been in a leading position and is committed to providing the most satisfactory products for every customer. Stable performance, strong power and high-speed operation are not only the most important characteristics of each hydraulic motor, we believe that high efficiency and long life are also the characteristics of each customer's product requirements. Therefore, we choose a high-pressure sealing oil seal, which can withstand high back pressure and large torque; low starting pressure and forward and reverse directions, which can not only adjust the speed, control the torque, but also ensure smooth and powerful rotation. Made of HRC 56~62 high-strength steel, quenched at 850 degrees Celsius to create a high-hardness shaft. So far, our hydraulic motors are not only sold well at home and abroad, but also have a good reputation for cost-effective and genuine products. We also have long-term cooperation in Europe, South America, North America, Africa and other regions.


If you are interested in our Hanjiu Technology, please visit the official website to inquire.



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