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We are Hanjiu, a professional manufacturer of industrial hydraulic components, located in China - Hebei City. We focused on the development and production of full series of hydraulic components, orbit motors, steering orbitrols, directional control valves since 1995. One of our main products is hydraulic motor, also known as an oil motor, is an actuator of a hydraulic system that converts the liquid pressure energy provided by a hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft.


For your hydraulic motor can work normally, we recommend it when you buy a hydraulic motor, be cautious. Not only must we pursue the high efficiency of its work, but also pay attention to its service. All-round high quality hydraulic motor can ensure the long service life.


Firstly, The hydraulic motor manufacturers we work with are specialized in the production of OM series cycloidal hydraulic motors, BZZ steering machine enterprises, their factory has dozens of high-quality, professional engineering and technical personnel, and in the production and operation of these more than ten years, are updated at an advanced speed to introduce many advanced production equipment, relying on rapid innovation and improvement of its products and services in all aspects. In the aspect of products, for example, our OK series motor adapt the advanced Geroler gear set design with shaft distribution flow, which can automatically compensate in operating with high pressure and provide reliable and smooth operation, high efficiency and long life. These means, compared to similar brands,Hanjiu products have advanced manufacturing devices for the Gerolor gear set, which use low pressure of start-up, And shaft seal can bear high pressure of back and the motor can be used in parallel or in series. Besides, we use special design for distribution system that is unprecedented on the market, which can meet the requirement of low noise of unit. Also,it has compact volume and easy to be installed.In the aspect of price, We have an absolute advantage. If you order more than fifty pieces, You can enjoy a discount of $46 per Cycloidal Hydraulic Motor Bm2, While you need at least $50 to buy the same product from Paker in America. Although our products are inexpensive,  Our quality is quite trustworthy. We have certification of quality management system issued by CFL certification center and a certificate of conformity from Kenya.


Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive fast, efficient and reliable service. We will grow together with customers, always provide innovation in products and services, always maintain our quality standards, and let our professional team meet your needs.


If you have any related needs, welcome to contact us.  https://www.hjhydraulic.com/ 



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