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Hydraulic motors is the actuator of the hydraulic system, commonly used to drive the working mechanism to work, in order to better understand hydraulic motors, first need to understand the different types of hydraulic motors and different kinds of characteristics.

Hydraulic motors according to its rated speed is divided into two categories of high speed and low speed, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pump structure is basically the same, can also be further subdivided into Orbital type, gear type, vane type and plunger type. Geared hydraulic motors are suitable for high speeds, low torques. Blade hydraulic motors are mostly used in industries with high speed, small torque and sensitive action requirements. Plunger hydraulic motors can be divided into axial piston motors and radial piston motors, axial piston motors are generally high-speed hydraulic motors, the output torque is small; The radial piston motor is the opposite, which is mostly used in low-speed and high-torque applications.

The basic types of high-speed hydraulic motors include Orbital type, gear type, screw type, vane type and axial piston type. High-speed hydraulic motors, as its name suggests, are characterized by high rotational speed, small moment of inertia, and high sensitivity for easy start-up and braking, speed regulation and commutation. Because high-speed hydraulic motors generally output torque is not large only tens of N/m to hundreds of N/m, it is also called high-speed small torque hydraulic motors.

The basic types of low-speed hydraulic motors are radial piston type, such as single-acting crankshaft connecting rod type, hydraulic balance type and multi-acting internal curve type. However, there are also low-speed structural types in axial piston type, vane type, and gear type. Low-speed hydraulic motors are widely used in engineering, transportation, construction and marine machinery. There are two main features of low-speed hydraulic motors, first, it has a large displacement; Second, it is large but the speed is low, sometimes reaching a few revolutions per minute or even a few tenths. Low-speed hydraulic motors has the characteristics of large torque and good stability at low speed, which allows it to be directly connected with the working mechanism, without the need for a deceleration device, which can greatly simplify the transmission mechanism. Usually low-speed hydraulic motors output torque is large, so it is also called low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors. 

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