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There are many occasions for hydraulic motors, how should we choose a hydraulic motor that meets our needs?

First of all, we should understand the classification of hydraulic motors, hydraulic motors can be divided into Orbital type, gear type, vane type, plunger type and so on according to the structure. According to the rated voltage-speed ratio, it can be divided into high-speed hydraulic motors and low-speed hydraulic motors.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hydraulic motor, such as working pressure, speed range, total efficiency, service life and other basic performance, the appearance of the hydraulic motor and the difficulty of installation should also be considered. A variety of different types of hydraulic motors, their characteristics and application occasions are also different. Low-speed hydraulic motors can be used for low-speed applications, or high-speed hydraulic motors with deceleration devices. This requires users to compare various advantages and disadvantages, weigh various factors and make decisions.

High-speed hydraulic motor is characterized by high speed and small moment of inertia, which is convenient for starting, braking, speed regulation and direction change when used. The characteristics of low-speed hydraulic motors are large displacement, large volume, low speed, and do not require a deceleration device when using, which makes the rotating mechanism more convenient. If you pay attention to cost, you can choose the most cost-effective overall price; If you want to work for a longer time, you should choose the least pressure drop; If you want to reduce operating costs, you can choose the highest overall efficiency. You need to buy a hydraulic motor that runs at low speed, and pay attention to see if its minimum stable speed meets the needs.

When purchasing a hydraulic motor, pay attention to the type of oil pump, the type of system software, whether there are safety protection measures when the rate is overloaded, and the operation of the refrigeration unit. These details should be taken into account, combined with their own needs and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of hydraulic motors to choose.

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